Entrance Revitalization Project
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Entrance Revitalization Project

Entrance Revitalization Project


Our entrance is ready for fall. : )










Mulch has arrived and the crew is working hard.



They’re here!!!

The median pole lamps with banners have been partially installed. As happens at times during an install of this size one of the metal bars broke and the replacement is now on order. The Garden Committee will be adding new mulch soon. Watch this page for updates.

Elk Creek Crossing Median Pole Lamps



UPDATE: JUNE 16, 2021

Progress is being made on the Entrance Revitalization Project!


  • Median Pole Lamps (3):

    • Holes have been bored
    • Pole Lamp Signage:

Elk Creek Crossing - Entrance Revitalization

      • Each pole will hold a double-sided banner, as shown above. Messages will be different entering vs exiting ECC.
      • Seasonal Updates:
        • Banners: seasonal banners to be ordered and swapped out
        • Holiday Lighting and Decor:
          • Each pole lamp will have a powered outlet, allowing for festive lighting, greenery, wreaths, etc.
    • Delivery: the actual pole lamps won’t arrive to the lighting company until mid July – missing our hoped-for July 4 deadline – leaving the installation to be scheduled after that.


  • Signage Lighting (as seen in the photo above):

    • New LED lights have both been installed on both of the entrance signs. They look sharp, bright and straight!


  • Landscaping:

    • Maintenance company keeping up well as the grass is looking green and lush.
    • Garden Committee: working on additional flowering plants in both the median and by the entrance signs.




As you may remember, the City of Omaha removed the trees from our main entrance median due to Emerald Ash Borer concerns. The ECC HOA was not informed this was going to take place. Since then, the HOA has been working on ideas, gathering estimates and discussing the best way to revitalize this now blank space.

Would you like to be a part of the brainstorming process to refresh our entrance? Come to the Annual Meeting on November 11! The revitalization project is one of the agenda items – we welcome your ideas!

Over the weekend, C & B Lawncare spent a full day working on the grass areas on the entrance Eastside.