About Elk Creek Crossing and the Home Owners Association
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About Elk Creek Crossing and the Home Owners Association

About Elk Creek Crossing and Our Home Owners Association

Elk Creek Crossing boasts 426 single family homes, all located within the city of Omaha, in Douglas County, Nebraska. The City of Omaha annexed Elk Creek Crossing on August 15, 2007, terminating the existence of the Sanitation Improvement District (SID). Following annexation, the City has assumed most SID responsibilities, like park maintenance and trash removal.

Residents love living here! The neighborhood, as a whole, prides itself on keeping public and private property – aesthetically pleasing. The park is well-maintained and includes a family friendly playground, benches to sit on, a covered picnic area and a full basketball court. North of the Park is a trail that extends all the way to the Hillsborough neighborhood north of 144th and West Maple Road. West of the main entrance on approximately 165th and Maple along North Branch Drive, is a bike path that residents can use to enjoy a leisurely walk, bike ride or stroll along on in-line skates and scooters. Covenants that remain in effect assure residents and potential residents alike that the community maintains high standards while protecting individual property investments.

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Kelly Broz

Vice President

Laura Paulson


Cheri Higgins


How the HOA Operates

The HOA Board wants everyone to know that members do not police the neighborhood looking for Covenant violations. Instead, the Board takes a diplomatic, reactive approach. We encourage residents to first get to know your neighbors and talk with them first about a concern. Most concerns can usually be worked out quickly after a friendly conversation is had. That is what ECC is all about, caring about one another and connecting with our neighbors. If a complaint is sent to PJ Morgan Real Estate, it is passed along to the Board. As a team, we decide what to do.” – ECC HOA Board

The Elk Creek Crossing Homeowner’s Association (HOA) consists of volunteers who live in the neighborhood, charged with administering the rules and upholding the subdivision’s Covenants, among other tasks:

  • Work with the property management company to approve financial expenditures
  • Oversee and give approval to property owner improvement projects, such as sheds or underground pools
  • Direct a response to reported Covenant violations
  • Answer general property owner questions about Covenants
  • Spearhead neighborhood events and approve financing
  • Communicate with neighbors

What if there is a Covenant Issue

Step 1: Neighborly Compassion and Kindness

The HOA highly recommends the first step a resident should take to address a concern would be with neighborly compassion, kindness and consideration. Please, treat others the way you would like to be treated. When issues escalate and assistance is required, PJ Morgan Real Estate and the HOA Board are happy to help to the best of their ability.

Step 2: If Needed, File an Official Complaint

If a resident is unable to resolve an issue with a neighbor themselves pertaining to a Covenant violation, they are welcome to issue a formal complaint with either the HOA or PJ Morgan Real Estate. After an issue is brought to the HOA’s attention, the team discusses and implements the best form of action. Most of the time, issues are resolved with a letter to the homeowner and an offer of neighborly assistance. On occasion, when circumstances remain unresolved, the Board meets to discuss the cost of litigation and whether to pursue property liens based on the impact the infraction(s) have on the neighborhood.