National Night Out Tue. Aug 2, 2016


(ECC: Omaha, Nebraska) —  Plan a driveway, cookout or block party. Sit outdoors to show your support! National Night Out is Tuesday August 2nd 2016 from 6 to 9 p.m. It’s a national and local observance to strengthen neighborhoods and build strong bonds with law enforcement and the Walnut Ridge/ECC Citizen Patrol.

The Omaha police ask residents to turn on outside lights and spend the evening outside. The patrol will be out and about to meet and greet neighbors, and say hello! Mark your calendar!

2015 national night out logo.jpg

Th-Sat | Are You Ready? ECC Garage Sales!


(Omaha, NEBRASKA – ECC)  —  By Susie Stern —  Are you ready homeowners? If you’re interested in making some cash and have the time, Elk Creek Crossing’s multi-family garage sale extravaganza starts this Thursday and runs through Saturday, May 26-28, 2016!

To get the word out, the ECC HOA is running advertisements here, on, on Craig’s List, in the Omaha World Herald and there’s signage at the entrances of ECC. We encourage each garage sale homeowner to purchase their own signs, too. The more signs – the better.🙂

A Image Elk Creek Crossing Omaha Neb Garage Sales 2016

Graphic Design by Ann Smith, ECC HOA Board Secretary

Memorial Weekend Omaha garage sales 2016 right here at Elk Creek Crossing. We are located on the north-side of Maple from about 162nd to 168th.

Everything you can imagine is on sale! A garage enthusiast’s dream come true! From furniture of all types, baby clothes and strollers, appliances, toys and much more!

Douglas County To Fight In Court Tax Valuation Ruling


Douglas County To Appeal in Court State Commission’s Order to Adjust Residential Property Valuations

Updated June 2016:  Douglas County has filed a petition in the Nebraska Court of Appeals asking it to review a state tax commission’s order that the county erred in valuing over 100,000.

Updated May 25, 2016: The Douglas County Board recently voted to appeal to the Nebraska Supreme Court a state tax commission’s ruling that found Assessor/Register of Deeds Diane Battiato failed to accurately set valuations for residential homes located west of 72nd Street, including Elk Creek Crossing, before ordering a 7 percent tax valuation increase.

As the Omaha World Herald reports, the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission (TERC) recently refused to reconsider its April 2016 ruling.

In its original report, TERC stated that “residential real property assessments” do not “meet general mass appraisal practices.”  Read April 2016 PDF report here

News Coverage

Read Omaha World Herald Article – June 6, 2016 – “Douglas County  Files Petition to Fight Valuation Order”

Read Omaha World Herald Article – June 2, 2016 – “Property tax valuation notices heading to Douglas County homeowners; include changes ordered by state”

property tax valuations would increase

Credit: Courtesy of Omaha World Herald


For more info, read KETV’s story.

Douglas County to Appeal 7% State-Ordered ECC Property Tax Valuation Hike

Article published May 3, 2016 —  So this may be why the Douglas County Assessor’s office had not returned Elk Creek Crossing’s phone call late last week when news broke, because administrators and the county were mulling over whether to fight in court a state commission-ordered 7 percent property tax valuation hike of homes located primarily west of 72nd Street in Omaha including Elk Creek Crossing, and an 8 percent increase on residential properties in northeast Omaha, as the OWH graphic below shows.

Credit Omaha World Herald - Property Tax Hike Graphic

Today the Omaha World Herald reports that Douglas County (board voted 7-0) to appeal a Nebraska tax equalization commission’s order that the county adjust tax valuations on about 100,000 properties.

The Omaha World Herald was the first to report last week that the Nebraska Tax Equalization Commission concluded that Diana Battiato, Douglas County Assessor/Register of Deeds had “undervalued some residential properties and overvalued others in setting preliminary values for 2016.

In response to the allegation, the commission ordered a 7 percent across-the-board valuation increase for most of central and west Omaha, and an 8 percent hike for homes in northeast Omaha.

The Douglas County Board voted 7-0 to ask the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission to reconsider the ruling, and authorized the county attorney to  take the matter to court if a reconsideration is not granted, noted the Omaha World Herald in its full coverage.


Free Appliance Bulky Item Drop Off Site


bulky-trash-truckOld furniture, mattresses and appliances. The City of Omaha Keep Omaha Beautiful campaign is coming to the ECC area. Mark you calendar for Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to drop off for free, big bulky items at Standing Bear Elementary parking lot. 

Per City Website
Examples of Accepted/Common Items 

  • Furniture (couches, chairs, mattresses, etc.)
  • Carpet
  • Auto parts
  • Tires and lead-acid batteries (at designated locations)
  • Appliances (at designated locations)
  • Swing sets
  • Bicycles and tricycles
  • Lumber
  • Drywall
  • Empty cans, pails, and buckets
  • Railroad Ties must be cut into 1 foot pieces for disposal (no site will accept full-size railroad ties)

Prohibited Items 

  • Rocks and concrete
  • Household garbage (putrescible waste) – put out with your normal trash collection.
  • Dead animals, fecal material, and animal bedding
  • Full-size railroad ties — The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) has published a guide for disposal. To view the guide, click here. Contact the NDEQ for additional information at (877) 253-2603.
  • Household Hazardous wastes including, but not limited to:  Auto fluids (gas, oil, grease, and anti-freeze), Paint, turpentine & lawn chemicals. Visit “Under the Sink” for proper disposal information

Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off Site

Called “UnderTheSink,” the free city of Omaha-sponsored program is available for residents in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. Proof of residency is required.

The free drop off facility located at 4001 South 120th Street accepts rechargeable batteries, paint, auto fluids, gas, oil, grease, anti-freeze, fluorescent bulbs and household chemicals. See full list of what’s allowed to dispose of – what’s not.

Phone: 402-444-7465 for more info.

The facility’s normal hours of operation are:

Click here for holiday hours.

9AM  –  4:45PM
Drop-offs Accepted and ReStore Open
9AM  –  6:15PM
Drop-offs Accepted and ReStore Open
9AM  –  4:45PM
Drop-offs Accepted and ReStore Open
Drop-offs Accepted by Appointment and ReStore Open

Under the Sink does not accept prescription drugs, tires, appliances, electronics, nor fire extinguishers.


Learn about the ECC Citizen Patrol


In 2015, Elk Creek Crossing joined forces with a community east of us called Walnut Ridge neighborhood, aimed at keeping our little area of the world safe. Resident volunteers, two per vehicle, patrol the area, mostly at night, alerting homeowners if their garage door is open, report to the city if lights are out and remove illegal signage affixed on poles.

The volunteers each received a criminal background check, underwent training and certification by the Omaha Police Department. The Walnut Ridge/ECC Citizen Patrol is a non profit organization affiliated with the Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols.

Produced as a public service. Music courtesy of Scott Holmes, “Happy Go Lucky” used in its entirety, provided under a Creative Commons License.

Volunteers are always needed to join the patrol. Call or text Walnut Ridge/ECC Patrol Captain Jerry Schulte for more information: 402-201-1656

Once Monthly Patrol Meeting
Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly patrol meeting located at Ragazzi’s Pizza at 154th and Ruggles, (a tad north of 156th and West Maple Road) between 6-7 p.m.

The meeting takes place usually around the end or beginning of the month.


Police On Ground & By Air Helped Nab Teens Partying Under ECC Bridge


EXCLUSIVE – (Omaha, Nebraska)  —  By Susan Stern —  A 9-1-1 call about teenagers allegedly drinking and possibly smoking pot early Monday night led police to Elk Creek Crossing near the 168th and West Maple Road Bridge. Omaha police Captain Marcia West confirms that five juveniles were cited for various misdemeanor crimes which triggered the police presence.

A police helicopter, already in the air, swung by to help ground officers locate a teen who fled the scene. Able 1 hovered over the neighborhood until police located the suspect. West says police are giving special attention to this area, hoping to discourage other teens from doing the same.


Graffiti Reported in ECC Neighborhood
In other crime-related news, Omaha police report graffiti spray-painted under the West Maple Road Bridge at 168th Street. Trail walkers have also reported seeing graffiti drawings scribbled, scratched, or painted illicitly on a surface near a bridge along the trail by the secondary ECC entrance located north of the 168th Street Bridge.  Omaha Police Captain Marcia West has called on Public Works in hopes that illegal street art will be removed.

To Report Graffiti Yourself:

If you spot a graffiti problem in the ECC park or elsewhere, please consider filing a report, with this link: City of Omaha Public Works Department | Report Issue

next-door-logoFollow us on for the latest crime news, to obtain info about product/service providers, post classifieds, events and much more!

Sigh up here

It’s Official. ECC Neighborhood Garage Sales Date Set


(Omaha, Nebraska)  — Get ready. Get set. Mark your calendar. Thursday-Saturday, May 26-28, 2016 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. are the dates/times of the annual Elk Creek Crossing Neighborhood Garage Sales Extravaganza!

“Memorial Weekend seems to be a very popular time to hold our multi-family ECC garage sales, so the homeowner’s association opted to run it during this time-frame again this year. But the fun begins Thursday, an especially popular day for garage sale enthusiasts,” notes Susie Stern, an organizer.

P.J. Morgan Real Estate, Elk Creek Crossing’s property management company representative Hannah Porto intends to run a classified advertisement in the Omaha World Herald. Ads will run on Craig’s List and reminders will be posted on, as well.

Kudos again to volunteer, ECC HOA Secretary Ann Smith for creating this great advertisement to tout this event.

A Image Elk Creek Crossing Omaha Neb Garage Sales 2016

Credit: Ann Smith

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Despite Rain, ECC Easter Hunt A Blast


By Susie Stern —  The Elk Creek Crossing Easter Egg Hunt this morning went on as scheduled despite periodic rain showers. Here is a quickly-produced low resolution video (due to a few cell phone images) of families enjoying the fun! Watch!

Thanks to all volunteers who helped shop for eggs and candy. Helping hands filled 600+ eggs and hid them at the ECC Park. Volunteers were Natalie, Ansley and Justin Hankins, Linda Whitehill, Abby Kohll, Zoe Emerson, Haley Brezack and Ann Smith. Kudos to Ann who also produced the graphic design advertisement to announce our annual event!

ECC Easter Egg Hunt 2016 Approaches


easter egg hunt 2016 elk creek crossing omaha

Grab a basket and your children. The 2016 Annual Easter Egg Hunt takes place 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 26, 2016 at the Elk Creek Crossing Park! Hooray. Thanks to a handful of neighborhood volunteers, we expect to have 600 eggs filled with candy.

“We’re excited. Kids are excited. Families are enthused, too. Thanks goes out to the ECC Homeowner’s Association that is sponsoring this event,” said organizer Susie Stern.

Surprise. Surprise. The Walnut Ridge/Elk Creek Crossing Citizen Patrol, made up of volunteers, will be on hand to greet families and to say a few words about all the great things it is doing to keep our neighborhood’s safe.

Kudos goes out to resident/HOA Board Member Secretary Ann Smith for putting together this great graphic design advertisement.

Below are Elk Creek Crossing volunteers Natalie, Ansley and Justin Hankins, as well as Susie Stern and daughter Abby.




ECC Communication: Trash + Snowy Sidewalks + Easter Egg Hunt + Join!


Hello everyone. Communication is key, and keeping lines of communication open applies to great neighborhoods likes ours! P.J. Morgan Real Estate, Elk Creek Crossing’s property management company has received a couple of hand-written notes requesting that everyone take a little time to keep our neighborhood beautiful and safe. Plus, we have some news you might be able to use!

abc trash omaha

File photo

Trash and Debris
1. Consider checking your yard, driveway, sidewalks and street around your home for trash. Sometimes the wind blows off garbage can lids, triggering debris to blow around the neighborhood. A resident sent in a note asking neighbors to take that extra step and clean up outdoors especially after Friday trash collection day.

Sidewalk Snow Removal
2. Make sure sidewalks are shoveled of snow as Omaha city ordinance requires, 24 hours after snowfall ends. A dog walker complained that some homeowners have failed to clear sidewalks causing a slippery safety hazard to adults and children. As some residents noted on, the few that appear to not have cleared sidewalks may have actually done so, but city plows came through and piled them up with snow again. So, perhaps use common sense and be kind to your neighbors. If the driveways next to the sidewalks are clear, think twice before calling the city to complain. In fact, perhaps wait a day and then, phone P.J. Morgan Real Estate and communicate with Hanah if sidewalks are not cleared again. She can pass along the information to the homeowner. 

Fact. After someone calls the city to file a complaint, a homeowner would receive a warning notice affixed to the front door, and faces a fine of up to $200 if the city clears your sidewalks for you, according to WOWT.

abc snow removal omaha neb

3. Annual ECC HOA invoices for dues were mailed in early February 2016. ECC Homeowners are required to pay the $35 yearly fee which goes to pay for maintaining common areas including landscaping and mowing, electricity, property management, event charges and so on.

ECC Citizen Patrol Update
4. The Elk Creek Crossing Homeowner’s Association has agreed to sponsor the Walnut Ridge/ECC Citizen Patrol Mayor’s grant at the request of Patrol Captain Jerry Shulte. Should the major’s grant be giveomaha coalition of citizen patrols stern pr marketingn, our two neighborhoods’ citizen patrol team would receive dollars to purchase items like vehicle magnets, t-shirts and so on. By the way, March 2016 marks the one year anniversary of ECC joining the OPD-certified Omaha Citizen Patrol. All volunteers are given a background check, receive ongoing education and certification overseen by the Omaha Police Department. No weapons are allowed. Join the patrol. Keep our neighborhood safe! Learn more. Stay tuned soon for a more in-depth article!

Good news to report. The annual Elk Creek Crossing HOA Easter Egg Hunt is a go again this year at the neighborhood park. We need volunteers to purchase eggs, candy, and fill them! MARK YOUR CALENDAR.

The Easter Egg Hunt is 11 a.m., Saturday March 26, 2016 at the Park! 

elk creek crossing omaha neb easter egg hunt 2015

File Photo


Join | Stay Alert to Local Crime News

Sign up to join a private social media site to get the latest ECC and nearby neighborhood news from crime info to obtaining referrals.

News You Can Use!

Nextdoor | Social Media Site!

Article written By Omaha Public Relations Consultant Susan Stern , an ECC resident.

Potential Winter Blizzard Delays Trash Pick Up Until Saturday


Blizzard 2012 Aftermath 165th & Maple Area 024Omaha braces for bad winter weather! With the National Weather Service in Valley predicting 4-11 inches of snow and heavy winds to fall on the metro by tomorrow night, KETV anticipating 4-to-7 inches, schools have called a snow day Tuesday and the city of Omaha announced that trash pickup will be delayed one day this week.

So, Elk Creek Crossing’s regularly scheduled Friday trash and yard waste collection will be moved to Saturday. Should delays be reported, we will share them here.

In the meantime, here is the latest weather forecast from the National WX Service in Valley:

Winter Storm Warning


So, we ask ECC residents how you are preparing for storm? Share your thoughts. 

File photo

Join | Buy/Sell, Stay Alert to Local Crime News

Featured omaha nebraska

Courtesy: Next Door

(ECC) —  Stay up-to-date with area crime news, buy/sell stuff, get service referrals, post a pic of a lost or found pet. This – private – social media site is interactive and offers users a sense of community.

You can do all this and more by joining Elk Creek Crossing residents have jumped on the bandwagon – as have people who live in Walnut Ridge and nearby. Connect and share. Receive email news feed updates.

When you join, you’ll be linked with people from ECC AND a default of 17 neighborhoods.

You can also control privacy settings. Post a new thread. Make a comment. Say thanks.

What makes unique is the verification requirement; you must confirm the address where you live.

Sign up here.

Written by Susan Stern.

Plan to Participate | National Night Out Tomorrow!


omaha neb national night out elk creek crossingReminder. Tuesday night, Aug. 4, 2015: 6 – 9 p.m. Consider planning a nice night outdoors in front yard or driveway with neighbors on your block! Have a pot luck! Grill. Ride bikes. Talk.

Elk Creek Crossing residents are asked to band together Tuesday night to fight against crime!

It’s National Night Out!

Within ECC and Walnut Ridge neighborhoods, our newly-formed Omaha Citizen Coalition of Patrols, who are all volunteers, plan to stop by to say hello, hand out flyers and Lifesavers. Plus, the Omaha police have been invited to stop by, too.

ECC residents were mailed postcards. There’s entrance signage and updates posted on (a private social network). Join here!

As Patrol Captain Gerald Schulte says: “Together. Let’s Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe!”

Omaha’s National Night Out Comes to ECC | Tues. Aug 4!


omaha neb national night out elk creek crossingECC’s National Night Out!
Building Relationships to Prevent Crime

By Susan Stern —  Next Tues, Aug. 4, 2015 between 6 to 9 p.m. Elk Creek Crossing neighbors are invited to come together for a common cause – crime prevention.

“Talk to your neighbors. Plan a pot luck dinner. We invite everyone to participate in “National Night Out!” It is a great way to get to know your neighbors, strengthen bonds, encourage crime prevention and help keep our corner of the world safe,” said Gerald Schulte, the patrol captain of the newly-formed volunteer Walnut Ridge/ECC Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols.

On Tuesday night, both ECC and Walnut Ridge’s Homeowners Associations hope residents commit to spending the evening outside with their fellow neighbors.

Turn On Outside Lights | Lock Doors
The “lights on” your home initiative is still a go. That means you are asked to turn on your outside lights and lock doors in an act of symbolism. Block parties with pot lucks and cookouts are also suggested, too.

Our Omaha Police Department-certified Citizen Patrol team plans to hit the streets to meet neighbors, distribute safety flyers, bottled water and hand out candy – “Life Savers.”

omaha citizen patrolOmaha Police Invited to ECC

Officers may stop by and say hello when they spot neighbors in their front yard. The men and women whose job it is to protect and serve would be available to answer questions and engage in friendly conversation, as well.

Schulte hopes for widespread participation within Elk Creek Crossing & Walnut Ridge – all to demonstrate that “our neighborhoods are concerned about safety, and that we look out for one another!”

“National Night Out’s” purpose is to work together to keep us all safe.

ECC Residents: Please consider participating with neighbors on your block. We are advertising this to homeowners via postcard mailer, entrance signage, here and on Consider joining the private social network for neighborhoods. Join here.

“National Night Out” is observed by approximately 16,124 communities nationwide, including U.S. military bases around the world and some Canadian cities according to the National Association of Night Watch.


National Night Out Info
Omaha National Night Out – OPD
Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols Info

Graphic design by ECC Resident Ann Smith

Fine ECC Movie Night Under Stars


Movie Night Under StarsAbout 50 people attended our first ever ECC “Movie Night Under the Stars” event held Saturday May 30th in the park.

Children appeared to enjoy eating popcorn, playing with the glow sticks and watching the PG rated flick “Earth to Echo.”  Adults sat in lawn chairs or stood. Some drank vino and many socialized with neighbors. m3

Due to the popcorn machine using up a lot of juice combined with the movie screen electricity donated from a kind & generous neighbor’s home, there was a little snag that was quickly fixed.

Said Co-organizer Ann Smith, “we had a slight challenge with blowing circuits on the neighbors home (stopped once we nixed the popcorn machine).”

movie night 7Oh the fun that was had!

A third party company ECC hired set up the gigantic movie screen. It was a great alternative to watching a movie from a home TV set -especially under the stars in our park.

It got a little chilly as the sun went down organizers report. But everyone appeared to have a great time!  movie 9

Elk Creek Crossing HOA would like your feedback. What did you think of the event?

Movie Under the Stars Tonight! ECC Park


Movie Under Stars Elk Creek Crossing Omaha NebHave you spotted this sign at the ECC entrance? It’s a friendly reminder that tonight is indeed the night!

Movie Under the Stars at Elk Creek Crossing Park. 7:30 p.m. We will serve popcorn and 1 (one) family-friendly movie on a big screen of a film entitled “Earth to Echo.” Rated PG.

Bring along blankets, chairs and perhaps a light jacket for tonight’s first ever neighborhood event at ECC!

Adults may bring along beverages, too! We hope to see you there! In the meantime, here is the movie trailer:

Synopsis of Movie. Source: IMDB
After receiving a bizarre series of encrypted messages, a group of kids embark on an adventure with an alien who needs their help.  earth to echo

Tonight’s Weather Forecast, courtesy of the National Weather Service in Valley:

Cloudy, then gradually becoming partly cloudy, with a temperature rising to around 67 by 2am. North northeast wind 10 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 22 mph.

KETV Weather reports:Saturday:  Cloudy early with the 20% chance of a light shower, becoming mostly sunny during the afternoon.  Breezy and cool.  High 66.

Should it rain, we have set an alternative June rain date.

Despite Rain | ECC Garage Sellers Report Steady Traffic


ECC Garage Sale 2015 Pic 2 - Stern PR marketingBy Susan Stern ––  Elk Creek Crossing residents Arlene and Lyle Meester report steady traffic despite morning, noon and afternoon rainfall that happened on the first day of the neighborhood’s mass garage sales event!

“Considering the rain, turnout is amazing! An old air hockey table is gone! So are the bikes. They sold within minutes. Overall traffic has been pretty frequent,” said Lyle Meester.

The Meester’s were very creative in advertising their sale as below photo shows. They used a ladder and a homemade sign that was easy for shoppers to spot.

Omaha Garage Sales May 2015ECC’s neighborhood garage sales continue tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday.

The Homeowner’s Association has published ads in the OWH classified section, on Craig’s List, via hard copy flyer and on Sales AD Craigs List May 2015
Here are the directions to get to Elk Creek Crossing.

We are located a tad bit north of West Maple Road from 162nd – 168th Street in Omaha, Nebraska, Douglas County.

Neighborhood Garage Sales Th-Sat This Week


omaha garage sales

ECC Garage Sales Extravaganza This Week!

Get ready. Get set. The Elk Creek Crossing Omaha Neighborhood Garage sales are Thursday-Saturday of this week.

If you’re a neighbor and intend to participate, now may be a great time to comb through your home for items you no longer want to keep. Make some cash and have a nice time.

Garage sale enthusiasts may want to put the event on their calendar.🙂

ECC Garage Sales have always been a success for our neighbors. The Homeowner’s Association is committed to properly advertising the event in the Omaha World Herald, on Craig’s List, via signage, on this website, sending out hard copy mailers and now posting on

Homeowners. We suggest you might consider purchasing a couple inexpensive signs at an area store to direct garage sale enthusiasts to your sale, too. Have fun. According to the National Weather Service in Valley, the forecast calls for a hodgepodge of typical May conditions:

ECC Weather Forecast for Omaha Garage Sales

Omaha garage sales directions

Get Set 4 “Movie Under the Stars” Night @ ECC Park


Movie under the stars Ad

Design by ECC Resident Ann Smith

Get ready. Get set. For Elk Creek Crossing’s first “Movie under the Stars” family night. Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. Bring along chairs, blankets, drinks (water, soda, wine, beer – what have you) for a great night watching family-friendly movies under the stars.

Yummy popcorn will be served at no charge, of course.

This will also be a fantastic time to get to know your neighbors, socialize and laugh, too. Sponsored by the ECC HOA. See you there!

Join us. Mark your calendar now!🙂

Neighborhood Garage Sale Dates Set


Elk Creek Crossing Omaha HOA 2015 Garage Sales

Design by ECC Resident Susan Stern

It is official, bonafide and true! Elk Creek Crossing Neighborhood Garage Sale dates are Thursday-Saturday May 14, 15 & 16th. Ads are scheduled to be published in the Omaha World Herald and on Craig’s List.

Breaking NEWS! ECC Easter Egg Hunt Video Release!


The Annual Elk Creek Crossing Omaha Easter Egg Hunt was a hit!. Saturday brought sunny skies and warm temps – the right setting for the 11:00 a.m. hunt.

Children filled their baskets with eggs, a whopping 600 were scattered around the park by happy volunteers.

Watch the video! This annual event is sponsored by the ECC Homeowner’s Association. Photography and this quickly-produced production was done gratis by an ECC resident.

As you will see – Elk Creek Crossing, located in northwest Omaha from 162nd to 168th, north of West Maple Road – is a great place to live!



Easter Egg Hunt
When: 11 a.m. (Today) Saturday, April 4 2015
Where: ECC Park
What: Please bring kids, baskets and a smile!

Note: Volunteers please arrive at 10 a.m. to help hide the eggs! Many Thanks!

Kudos to residents ECC HOA Secretary Ann Smith and Melissa Miller for helping fill a whopping 600 eggs with candy! Also, Ann Smith took the time to shop for the eggs and candy. Thank you!

elk creek crossing omaha neb easter egg hunt 2015

ECC Citizen Patrols Sought | Coalition Formed


omaha coalition of citizen patrols stern pr marketing(Omaha, Nebraska)  —  Elk Creek Crossing and Walnut Ridge are teaming up to provide citizen patrols to keep our neighborhood secure.

“These new efforts will help make our little corner of the world a safer place to live,” said patrol captain Jerry Shulte who lives in Walnut Ridge. He and a crew already began monitoring ECC by vehicle, but direct Elk Creek Crossing resident participation is non-existent at present, but wanted.

Volunteers Sought
It takes a village, as they say. Elk Creek Crossing resident adults are asked to join the citizen patrol right away. To qualify, you will agree to a background check and attend an April 16th training class at the Omaha Police Department Northwest Police Precinct from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at 10245 Wiesman Drive.

Not Eligible
1. Any felony Conviction against person.
2. Any felony Conviction within last five years.
3. Board of Mental Health Committal.
4. Resisting Arrest Conviction within last ten years.
5. Assault Conviction on a Peace Officer.
6. Two or more Convictions of Assault in the past five years.
7. Two or more DUI Convictions in past five years.
8. Carrying a Concealed Weapon Conviction within past five years.
9. Currently under Court Jurisdiction.
10. Any Misdemeanor 1 or above Pending Charge.
11. Any Sex Crime Conviction.
12. Any criminal record judged to be detrimental to the goals of OPD

Patrol Qualifications
After passing the record check and participating in the 3-hour OPD-led class, certified volunteers will be trained in-the-field by OCCP Patrol Captain Jerry Shulte. Once complete, patrol men and women may hit the streets when you like with the stipulation that there must be two (2) citizen patrol individuals in each vehicle at all times. No weapons are allowed – at all. omaha citizen patrols elk creek crossing

“Your job is to observe and report,” said Shulte. Every patrol car will be equipped with an OCCP vehicle magnet, and each volunteer will carry a photo id, with the Omaha Coalition Citizens Patrol logo on it.

“As for homeowners. If someone comes to your door, say your garage is left open, we always recommend you look out the window and ask for id, otherwise do not open the door,” said Shulte. The patrol captain and volunteer crews from Walnut Ridge have recently knocked on front doors of ECC residents for this reason.

Signage & Car Magnets

Shulte said he is in the process of applying for a City of Omaha Mayor’s grant intended to purchase polo shirts and additional vehicle magnet signs. A resident donor from Walnut Ridge has contributed dollars for entrance signs for both neighborhoods. Signage will be placed at a total of 9 entrances in both ECC and Walnut Ridge to warn any would-be criminals that our neighborhoods are watched by active citizen patrols!

Since its inception in January, the Walnut Ridge patrol has notified the power company of broken street lights and alerted residents of garage doors left open. “So far our efforts have received a very positive response,” notes Shulte. With the ECC-HOA’s recent approval, the patrol has been renamed as the Walnut Ridge/Elk Creek Crossing Citizens Patrol.

The OCCP is a non-profit organization in cooperation with and endorsed by the Omaha Police and Douglas County Sheriff’s Departments. The citizen patrol’s objective is to increase public safety, prevent and reduce crime. If anyone is interested in becoming a certified volunteer, please complete the below contact form.

Together, let’s keep our neighborhood safe!

News article by Omaha PR Practitioner Copywriter Susan Stern, an ECC resident

Other Sources of Information
Home Security Check List
Background Check Form
Child Safety Tips
Auto Theft Prevention Tips
OCCP Brochure

ECC Easter Egg Hunt Saturday April 4th: 11 a.m.


elk creek crossing omaha neb easter egg hunt 2015The date is set for the 2015 ECC HOA Easter Egg Hunt! Hooray.

Grab baskets and the kids. Meet at the Park on Saturday, April 4th at 11:00 a.m. for fun galore.

This year we have over 600 eggs that our happy volunteers are filling with candy. If you would like to help make this year’s Easter Egg Hunt another hit in our neighborhood, please contact us.

“It’s super exciting! We have 200 eggs left to fill with candy. We could use a few volunteers,” says Susie, the organizer.

On Easter Egg Hunt day, we also seek helping hands to hide the eggs at the Park at 10 a.m.

Please fill out contact form to volunteer.

Many thanks! See you there!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

ECC Christmas Tree Drop Off Site


xmas tree drop off omahaOmaha Christmas Tree Recycling

Mulch is what’s made from your Christmas tree. So, when you’re ready to haul it away, the closest city of Omaha Xmas tree drop off site is Tranquility Park | 120th Street & West Maple Road. North lot of soccer complex.

XMas Tree Drop Off Dates

Site opens on December 24 and close January 6, 2015. No hours of operation are listed for Tranquility Park on the city of Omaha website, at this time.

Christmas tree recycling Info. Please remove from the tree this stuff:

  • Lights
  • Nails
  • Bags
  • Tree stand
  • Lights, of course

Do’s and Don’ts | Tree Recycling

Omaha’s Tranquility Park Christmas tree drop off site does not accept wreathes and evergreen roping. Thumbs up to flocked trees – are permitted. Please throw trees up toward the pile.

Worn Out Xmas Lights & Extension Cords? city of omaha recycling christmas lights

Drop off old holiday lights and cords for recycling to benefit the Susan G Komen Nebraska foundation.

Scrap Central
2728 North 85th Street
Now-January 20, 2015.
Hours. M-F 9:00a – 4:45p &Saturday 9:00 a-2:45p

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year!

Omaha Recycling Holiday Tips


city of omaha recycling programRecycling Omaha | Dump Holiday Discard

The holidays generate plenty of Earth-friendly recycling options. Instead of throwing away,  consider filling the green recycling bin the city provides. If it is full, one option is to place paper recyclables in a paper bag or small box for pickup.

Reminder. The city of Omaha recently sent a holiday-focused email blast to subscribers explaining what you can recycle.

  • Wrapping paper
  • Cards
  • Aerosol cans
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Boxes
  • Plastic bottles
  • Newspapers
  • Juice and soup boxes
  • Milk jugs
  • Detergent bottles
  • Soda bottles
  • Tin cans

Big Recycler? | Free Green Bins Avail

If you’re an active recycling aficionado, great job! Consider picking up another free bin. If yours is damaged, you may obtain a new one and ask for a recycling bin disposal label. After affixing the label, leave the damaged bin at the curb for pick up. It will be recycled, too. image-earth-day-omaha-2013

For Elk Creeking Crossing, here’s where to go for a new recycling bin or disposal label.

Saddlebrook Branch Library – NW Omaha
14850 Laurel Avenue
Hours | Mon: closed | T-Thur: 8a-8p | Fri: 8a-5p | Sat: 9a-4p | Sun: closed
Hours may change without notice.

Breaking News | ECC Garbage Day Moves to Fridays 2015


image-omaha-trash-pick-up-Elk-Creek-CrossingNew ECC Collection Day Moves to Fridays

Here in Elk Creek Crossing, say goodbye to Mondays for trash, yard waste and recyclables’ pick up in the new year.

ECC collection of garbage and the like changes to Fridays beginning the week of January 5, 2015. Official start date in ECC: Friday, January 9, 2015.

10 Days Without ECC Trash Pick Up!

In an exclusive interview with Elk Creek Crossing, we are the first to uncover bad news.

“Somebody’s gonna pay the price, and unfortunately, your neighborhood (ECC) will go about 10 days without trash, yard waste and recyclable collection,” said Diane over the phone today with the city of Omaha Solid Waste Department.

Last Day Monday Trash Pick Up

We discovered that Monday December 29, 2014 is the last day for collections before the 10-day lull. The new route schedule for Elk Creek Crossing begins Friday January 9, 2015.trash

The City’s Solid Waste representative emphasized that Deffenbaugh, the city’s waste contractor, is waiving the 5 trash container limit during this period of transition.

Why Omaha Redrew Trash Routes

WOWT reports Omaha’s trash hauler has redrawn routes for collection of garbage, yard waste and recycling for fuel and time-saving efficiency, quoting Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert. More than 150,000 Omaha households are impacted reports the Omaha World Herald.

This week ECC residents may receive a city of Omaha postcard notice confirming this information. For neighborhoods outside Elk Creek Crossing, run this handy tool to discover your new collection day.

By Susan Stern, an Omaha copywriter/marketer and ECC resident.

ECC Boat, Trailer Driveway Storage News


Boat Covenant Violation

File photo

Boat Storage Time-frame
As summer winds down, it may seem easier and more cost effective to simply cover your boat or camper with a tarp and park it in the driveway.

But as you weigh your storage options, consider reading the Elk Creek Crossing Homeowners Association Covenants, which remain in effect despite dissolution of the S.I.D. and annexation by Omaha. Specifically, view Article V “General Restrictions” Section 10 regarding “Vehicles, Trailers and Equipment”

“No boat, camper, trailer, auto drawn or mounted trailer of any kind, mobile home, truck, aircraft, camper truck or similar chattel shall be maintained or stored on any part of a Lot (other than in an enclosed structure) for more than twenty (20) days within a calendar year.”

Boat Storage Complaint
An individual has approached the ECC Homeowner’s Association and has filed a complaint about a homeowner allegedly storing a boat in their driveway longer than 20 days. A formal letter has been sent to the homeowner.

“It’s all about keeping the neighborhood nice and to maintain property values. The ECC HOA Board hopes that residents follow the Covenant provisions, doing their part to maintain the beauty of our fine Elk Creek Crossing neighborhood,” said Hannah Porto, ECC property manager from P.J. Morgan Real Estate.


Child Burned at West Omaha Sprayground Next Door


Stoneridge Northwest Omaha Neb Sprayground Child Burned Steel Grate

The day after an Elkhorn toddler got burned, another barefoot child walks near the hot surface steel grate. Photography by Sonia Schrager

Mother Updates Toddler’s Health
A 16-month-old Elkhorn boy is recovering from 2nd degree burns  after running after a ball and stepping on a surface steel grate Wednesday at the Stone Ridge Sprayground, located next door in the neighborhood northeast of Elk Creek Crossing Omaha.

In an exclusive interview today with ECC, the toddler’s mother Lindsay Warren updated her little boy’s condition. “My son Broch is doing okay today. His feet are blistered, but he is recovering. Looking back it was horrible to think that something so hot and dangerous was not covered. Every child that goes to the water park is barefoot is my concern, too,” said the toddler’s mother Lindsay Warren, wife of Scott Warren of Elkhorn, who own Absolute Customs, Inc.

Child Burned Blink of an Eye

Child Burned West Omaha Waterpark
Credit: Sonia Schrager

The incident happened in a blink of an eye. As mother watched, she reports, the toddler’s beach ball rolled about 30 feet from the Sprayground. “When my son picked up the ball, he froze on the steel grate. He started crying uncontrollably. His feet were blistering like crazy. I rushed him to the ER,” notes Lindsay.

The mother hopes Celebrity Homes, the S.I.D and the law firm that manages the privately-owned Stoneridge Sprayground property in Omaha does the right thing, pays for her son’s medical bills and takes immediate steps so other children don’t get hurt.

child burned west omaha sprayground
Credit: Sonia Schrager

“It’s completely unacceptable that there was no sign, no warning,” said Lindsay.

Lindsay’s father Dennis Kresser, grandpa to the injured toddler, offers a suggestion. “All they would have to do is put a picket fence in the area and fix the problem, so no other children or adults get hurt.”


Neighborhood Garage Sales Th-Sat!


garage sale signDon’t Forget: Garage Sale Extravaganza Th-Sat!

By Sonia Schrager, Intern —  Elk Creek Crossing hosts its neighborhood garage sale extravaganza Thursday (tomorrow), Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. Our garage sale event runs at the same time as  Walnut Ridge, next door.

ECC HOA purchased two signs, ads are running on Craigslist and in the Omaha World Herald. Make some money, have some fun, participate!

ECC 2014 Garage Sales Dates Set


elk creek crossing omaha garage sales 2014(Omaha, NE)  —  The 2014 Elk Creek Crossing Annual garage sales event dates are set. Mark your calendar for Thursday-Saturday, May 29-31st. Our event shall run during the same dates as adjacent neighborhood Walnut Ridge.

The ECC HOA shall purchase signage, run advertisements in the Omaha World Herald and tout the garage sales on Craig’s List. We encourage homeowners to buy signs, too.

Kudos to new ECC HOA board secretary Ann Smith for this ad.


Want to Help the Easter Bunny?


easter_egg_hunt elk creek crossing omaha nebHELP WANTED ECC Easter Egg Volunteers Needed ASAP

(ECC)  —  Saturday, April 19th at 11 a.m. is the day of the – Annual ECC Easter Egg Hunt – at the Neighborhood Park. Hooray! But before the fun begins, we need volunteers to help shop for candy and eggs. We seek helping hands to stuff the egg shells with goodies, too. Oh, the fun to be had!🙂 Your help is always greatly appreciated.

Update: Several volunteers have come forward to help! Natalie Hankins and Cheri Higgins. Thank you! We can always use helpers to arrive at the neighborhood park at 10 a.m. Saturday to hide the eggs :)

Volunteering is Easy and Fun!

To make a commitment to this family-fun event, please contact Susan Stern now. 

1st Half 2013 Property Taxes Due Today!


tax-billDouglas County House Taxes Due Today – 1st Half!

(Omaha, NE)  —  Attn: Elk Creek Crossing homeowners. If you have a mortgage and escrowed property taxes, disregard. For the rest, Douglas county home property taxes are due today for the 1st half covering 2013.

Can’t make it in person to the treasurer’s office? No worries. You can pay online now.

Your best online paying option paying is via check with a $1 service fee. If you pay by credit card, you’ll pay 2.3% interest.

Second half taxes are due on or before July 31st 2014.

Look Up Property & Pay Online

Can’t recall your parcel number? You’re covered. The Douglas County Treasurer’s office offers online parcel look up. All you need to do is type in your address and street name. Press search and you’ll find your publicly-available tax payment history. Parcel look up here>>

Hurry Up – Pay In Person Before Closing Time

You’ll save “convenience” charges by paying your property taxes in person. Rush, rush, rush. There is still time. Branch offices close at 4p and some until 4:30 since this is the last day of the month. Call to double check. The nearest office from Elk Creek Crossing is located a tad south of 108th and Maple in Maple Center.

Call: 402-444-3371

Other locales>>



ECC Kids for Hire!


Teens For Hire ECC

If you want to post your part-time job opportunity or advertising of services, fill out the below contact form. Posting is free.


Posted on April 1, 2014:

We are looking for a neighborhood girl for babysitting-must be able to drive and reliable.

Thank you very much,

Amy Bamburg
16307 Manderson

Phone Number : 402-504-4722


Lawn Service for Hire – Weekly OR As Needed

Contact: Andrew Carpenter
4325 North Branch Drive


BREAKING News. Weather to Delay ECC Trash Pickup


Extreme Cold Delays ECC Garbage Pickup

(Omaha, NE)  —  Forget about putting trash at the curb tonight! The City of Omaha has announced that it “would be unsafe for collection employees to work on Monday” January 6, 2014, due to the EXTREME cold and windy weather.

Tuesday Date for ECC Trash Collection

Garbage, yard waste and recyclables are scheduled to be collected on Tuesday for residents of Elk Creek Crossing. In a statement, City of Omaha Solid Waste Collections Department said that “Collections for the week of January 6 will be delayed by one day, with normal Friday collections (to) be completed on Saturday, January 11, 2014.”


New Year | New ECC Blood


(ECC, Omaha, NE)  — In case you missed it, the Elk Creek Crossing HOA Board has new faces.  Three women have officially taken the helm, pledging to increase neighborhood social opportunities and continue Covenants enforcement:

Samantha Wright – ECC HOA President – Commercial Print Sales Manager
Brenda Jennings – ECC HOA Vice-president – Communications Consultant
Ann Smith – ECC HOA Secretary – Graphic Designer

The trio replace long-time volunteers ECC President Eric Oxley, Scott Lautenbaugh and Secretary Travis Schwartz, two lawyers and a finance professional, which we formally wish to thank for their dedicated service. The property management company, P.J. Morgan Real Estate, remains the same. The December meeting is where the 2014 proposed budget was unveiled.  Most of this year’s operating funds are projected to be spent on grounds maintenance, trees, lawn care, landscaping and the property management company fee. Read ECC HOA Proposed 2014 Budget.


Annual Meeting Date Set | Wednesday, December 4th, at 6:00pm


What’s Happening in ECC Neighborhood? | Attend Annual Meeting

image elk creek crossing board meeting dec 2013Update on December 5 2013 (see pic left): A disappointing turn out. A total of 11 people attended the Dec. 4, 2013 ECC Annual Meeting, 7 of which are current or past board members, a representative of P.J. Morgan Real Estate and this writer. A husband and wife, a father and child were among the attendees.

(ECC- Omaha, NE)  —  Attention ECC Homeowners. It’s official. The date is set! The Elk Creek Crossing Homeowner’s Association Annual Meeting is at 6 o’clock, on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013 at Standing Bear Elementary in the cafeteria. This is when the Board, let by HOA President Eric Oxley will discuss current expenses and the 2014 projected budget, a meeting which shall cover architecture, status of dues violators, neighborhood events to current and future landscaping projects.

ECC Landscaping Ideas. Neighbors Asked to Weigh In

image-elk-crek-crossing-omaha-annual-meeting-2013Said President Oxley, “I want to update people on that and take input on future capital improvement ideas – that may get some more people interested in attending.”

ECC Board Seeks Social Volunteer

The HOA board is still searching for a volunteer Social Committee Chair, a position previously held by the late Karen May.

P.J Morgan Real Estate Phone Number Direct: 402-397-7775

Omaha marketer Susan Stern intends to video record the annual meeting, schedule permitting.

Please review the agenda here.

ECC ‘NEW’ Segment: What We Spotted!


20130926_151106Holy cow!
ECC Park Portable Potty

In a new segment entitled “What We Spotted,” we share what captured our attention during a walk on September 26, 2013, in & around Elk Creek Crossing on this beautiful fall afternoon in northwest Omaha, Nebraska.

The first thing that caught our eye was a portable bathroom tucked in between two park trees. Well, if you gotta go, now you can! Thank you.

Breaking NEWS! Sprayground Still Open Post Labor Day! Huh?20130926_151536

Labor Day is over, correct? Then why is the Stone Ridge East Sprayground still open and running water after Monday, September 2, 2013?

After a morning investigation, we have the answer! First, we had to track down which entity manages the Stone Ridge Sprayground. No quick and easy task.

After a handful of phone calls, we discovered that no, the northwest Omaha splash park is not run by the city of Omaha nor Celebrity Homes. Turns out a local law firm administers Stone Ridge East neighborhood, which, by the way, remains an S.I.D., a.k.a. unincorporated area of Douglas County, that has not yet been annexed by the city of Omaha.

So, today we called the law firm that manages Stone Ridge East to give them a friendly🙂 heads up that the water remains on. A representative there expressed their appreciation to ECC, and stated they intend to contact M.U.D. as soon as possible to turn off the agua. Issue closed. End of story.🙂

playgroundF Word All Over Playground Tunnel

This one is plain wrong. Someone (s) has defaced with permanent marker the inside of the Elk Creek Crossing park playground tunnel, where this child in the photo is pointing.

Instead of calling the city, let’s do the clean up ourselves. It shouldn’t take long.

Help Now to Keep ECC Nice

“Calling a Volunteer for Saturday, September 28, 2013! For everyone’s sake, especially for children, we need helping hands to remove the expletive-laden graffiti from the tunnel right away! In the past, we’ve successfully used rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover,” notes ECC’s Susan Stern. To volunteer contact us now.

Kind Words for ECC HOA

Ok. Enough said, except we want to share this upbeat posting from an ECC resident:

Thanks to the association for the beautiful new look at the entrance of Elk Creek Crossing North Branch. – Moniker Hummerh3

Now that’s a wrap of “What we spotted!” We’ll keep you posted again in the future with more enthralling segments. Happy Fall Harvest!

Famous ‘Neighbor Quotations’ | For ECC Residents :)


Fun & Famous ‘Neighbor Quotations’

”To keep the Golden Rule we must put ourselves in other people’s places, but to do that consists in and depends upon picturing ourselves in their places.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

”A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing.” – Hesiod

”Your neighbor is the man (or woman) who needs you.” – Elbert Hubbard

”Good fences make good neighbors.” – Robert Frost

”When strangers start acting like neighbors… communities are reinvigorated.” – Ralph Nader

Source: Entplaza

Read more famous quotations, including quotes that have a, duh, duh, duh…negative connotation😦 here.

Compiled by Susan Stern

Report Problems to City | Phone # List!


Report Neighborhood Problems | List of City #’s

By Susan Stern
(Elk Creek Crossing, Omaha, NE) —  Is a street sign down? Do you need the ‘Call before you Dig’ phone number before planting a tree or building a fence? Is there a vehicle parked in the street for too long? Report it.  Here is a complete list of City of Omaha departments for your use. Print and save. The directory, also below listed, is comprehensive, and specifically states which number to call for which issue you may encounter.


City Services

Air Quality/Odor Control Environmental Services 402-444-6015 / 402-444-6016

Alarm Registrations City Finance 402-996-8058

Alley Maintenance Street Maintenance 402-444-4919

Building Inspections (construction related) 402-444-5350

Building Permits 402-444-5380

Cars, Junk Trailers on Public or Private Property Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Chuck Holes, Debris, Litter Blocking Street, Curb Repairs Street Maintenance 402-444-4919

City Council 402-444-5520

City Parks, Pools, Golf Courses or Rec. Center Problems Parks & Recreation 402-444-5900

City Services Information or Complaints Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Code Enforcement/Planning 402-444-5371

Compost Public Works 402-444-6665

Convention and Visitors Bureau 402-444-4660

Driveway/Curb Cut Permits Public Works 402-444-4978 / 402-444-5101

Issued by Planning 402-444-5214 or 402-444-5380

Empty Bldgs., Vacant Houses, Deteriorated Bldgs.,

Occupied Dilapidated Houses Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Garbage Collection/Recycling/Complaints/Information Quality Control 402-444-5238

Historic Preservation Planning 402-444-3624

Housing Discrimination, Civil Rights Violations Human Rights and Relations 402-444-5055

Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Mayor’s Hotline TTY/TDD 402-996-8490

Mayor’s Office 402-444-5000

“No Parking” or Other Signs Traffic Engineering 402-444-5160

Nuisance Vehicles (Dead Storage on Street or Lawn,

Off Pavement, Auto Litter Improperly Licensed) Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Parks and Recreation 402-444-5900

Public Works Department 402-444-5220

Sewer Problems Sewer Maintenance 402-444-5332

Sidewalks Broken or Obstructed 402-444-5280

Sign Ordinance Information Permits & Inspections 402-444-5362 / 402-444-5364

Snow Removal Complaints (24 hr. line) Street Maintenance 402-444-4919

Speed Bumps 402-444-5250

Street Construction Problems or Complaints (related to constr. project) Public Works 402-444-5109

TDD 402-444-5034

Tenant-Landlord Discrimination Human Rights and Relations 402-444-5055

Traffic Signal Not Working Traffic Engineering 402-444-5160

Trailers or Cars Parked on Front Lawns Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Tree Limbs/Hedges Blocking View of Traffic Parks Maintenance 402-444-5925

Trees, Downed Limbs on City Right-of-Way Street Maintenance 402-444-4919

Trees Marked with an “X” Parks Maintenance 402-444-5925

Unsafe or Dangerous Building or House Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Vehicle Already Towed Impound Lot 402-444-5782 / 402-444-5783

Weeds Over 18”, Yard Litter Weeds & Litter 402-444-5910

Zoning Enforcement Planning 402-444-5371

Zoning Information Planning/Planner’s Desk 402-444-3426

Public Safety

Arson Hotline 402-444-3473

Business Watch 402-444-6518

Crime Prevention Specialists

NE Area 402-444-3367

NW Area 402-444-6478

SE Area 402-444-7743

SW Area 402-444-7928

Crime in Progress 911

Crimestoppers 402-444-STOP (402-444-7867)

Criminal Investigation Bureau, Omaha Police 402-444-5652

North Investigations (Follow up on crimes occurring North of Dodge) 402-444-5696

South Investigations (Follow up on crimes occurring South of Dodge) 402-444-5590

Domestic Violence, Omaha Police 402-444-5825

Fire Department Public Education & Affairs Bureau

(includes Smoke Detector Installation & Operation Detector Home Safe) 402-444-3560

Gang Unit, Omaha Police 402-444-5990

Graffiti to Report Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Hate Crimes 402-444-4283 (402-444-HATE)

Narcotics Unit, Omaha Police 402-444-5680

Neighborhood Watch Program Community Resource Centers (CRC) 402-444-5772

Non-Emergency Police Department Line Central Headquarters, 505 S. 15 Street 402-444-5600

Non-Emergency Police Department to make a

“Crime Report over the Phone” Telephone Response Unit 402-444-4877

Nuisance Vehicles Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Precinct Captains

Northeast 4316 N. 30 (30 & Taylor) 402-444-6916

Northwest 10245 Wiesman Drive 402-444-7555

Southeast 2475 Deer Park Boulevard (25 & Vinton) 402-444-4041

Southwest 9864 M Street 402-444-6116

Smoke Detector Installation & Operation Check Omaha Fire 402-444-3847

Special Victims Unit (…Sexual Assaults/Child Victim) 402-444-5636

Traffic Unit, Omaha Police 402-444-5860

Vice Squad 402-444-5680

Victim Witness (Misdemeanors) 402-444-4597


Animal Control (Strays, Bites, Sick or Injured

Animals, Barking Dogs, or Dead Animals Humane Society 402-444-7800

Before You Dig 402-344-3565 / 1-800-642-8434

Cable Franchise Agreement Questions City Council 402-444-4567

City of Omaha Handgun Ordinance National Safety & Health Council 402-896-0454

Community Support/Energy Assistance Programs (OPPD) 402-636-3654

Concealed Carry Handgun Training National Safety & Health Council 402-896-0454

Community Services/First Call for Help United Way 211

Events HOTLINE 402-444-6800

Gas Leaks, Water Line Breaks, or Fire Hydrants (Emergency) MUD 402-504-7777

Handicap Parking Stickers County Treasurer 402-444-7103

Housing Discrimination (Fair Housing Center) 402-934-6675

Keep Omaha Beautiful 402-444-7774

National Safety Council 402-896-0454

Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222

Rats, Raw Garbage, Open Refrigerator/Freezer in

Yard/Mosquitoes Douglas County Health 402-444-7481

Safe Communities Efforts 402-896-0454

State Ombudsman (Information) 1-800-742-7690 (Toll Free)

Street Lights Out/Electrical Wires Down OPPD 1-800-554-6773

Tenant/Landlord Legal Issues Legal Aid Society 402-348-1060

Douglas County

Assessor’s Office 402-444-7060

Birth and Death Certificates 402-444-7204

County Parks DC Environmental Services 402-444-6362

County Parks and Trails Maintenance DC Environmental Services 402-444-6362

County Roads – Snow Removal / Repairs 402-444-6395

Douglas County Environmental Services 402-444-6181

Douglas County Switchboard 402-444-7000

Drivers’ License Testing Locations
***Closest to ECC | Location 402-595-2040 | 2910 N. 108
Location 402-595-2039 | 7414 N. 30
Location 402-595-3106 | 5730 S. 144

Driver Testing Hours
Testing Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00

Health Department Information Line / Directory 402-444-7476

Homestead Exemption From Property Taxes County Assessor 402-444-7060

Landfill Office and Information 402-238-2970

Marriage License – County Clerk 402-444-7143

Property Taxes Treasurer’s Office 402-444-7272

Register of Deeds/Property Ownership 402-444-7194

Sanitation (Wells and Septic Systems) 402-444-7485

Sheriff’s Vehicle Inspection Station – 8338 Chicago Street 402-444-7532

Surveyor – Engineer Office (County Roads/Projects) 402-444-6372

Treasurer’s Office 402-444-7280
For more information, contact the City of Omaha online here.

A Neighbors Code of Ethics


Code of Ethics for Neighborhoods

Re-published under “Fair Use”
Author Jim Thompson
Edited by Susan Stern

♦ Make trash short-lived. They do not improve by age.

♦ Litter is like a smudge on the face. Clean it.

♦ Your trees should grow tall. Your grass should not.

♦ Your home is attached to the ground. The ground is part of the city. The city has a right to set the ground rules. Follow the rules.

♦ You do not have to live with your neighbors, just next to them. Make it a comfortable relationship.

♦ “Hi!” is only a two-letter word. Easy to say, nice to hear.

♦ Control your pets. Your neighbors will appreciate that extra bit of hard work.

♦ Take pride in your neighborhood. It will feel right.

♦ Respect the rights of neighbors and follow existing laws & Covenants.

Garage Sales Date Solid | May 23-25th


image-calendar-elkcreekcrossing-garage-sales-2013(ECC) —  Get ready, get set. Coming soon…the annual Elk Creek Crossing ‘Garage Sales Extravaganza’ 2013

ECC Garage Sales 2013 – Dates | Memorial Weekend!

May 23-25th


We will run a classified ad in the Omaha World Herald + Post Craig’s List Garage Sale Listings + do some light Web SEO + Leave couple signs at entrance.

What can YOU do to advertise?

We suggest you buy a couple, inexpensive small ‘Garage Sale’ sign (s) found at local retail stores.
Leave them at the ECC main entrance & at stop signs leading to your home – a recommendation.


Mutiple signs posted at entrance-ways get the attention of motorists.

Happy Garage Sale Days!

Spring Clean Up Date Set | Sat. April 20 | Big Bulky Item Drop Off


image-bulky-drop-off-site-omaha-2013Big Bulky Item Drop Off Date Set

(Omaha, NE)  — Old Man Winter may be sticking around for a final hurrah. But weather woes won’t stop the fervor of the city of Omaha ‘Spring Clean Up’ program. Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 20th. 9a-2p. These are the times to drop off big bulky items.  Bulky Trash drop off sites are for oversized items that are too large to fit in the garbage can.

Where: Standing Bear Elementary School – at no charge!
When: Saturday, April 20th
Times: 9a-2p

Types of Items that MAY be dropped off as bulky items

  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Mattresses
  • TV Sets
  • Swing Sets (disassembled)
  • Large Brush
  • Shower Doors (glass taped)

Omaha Tires/Automotive Batteries Drop Off
Saturday, April 20: 9a-2p – Hillsborough Park Parking Lot on 138th & Meridith Ave – free

Big Appliances Drop Off
Saturday, May 4th: 9a-2p –  No-charge drop off at Rockbrook Elementary Parking lot, located at  2514 South 108th Street

image-earth-day-omaha-2013Earth Day Omaha (near UNO)
Family-fun. Celebrate this Saturday, April 20 at Elmwood Park, 11am-6pm.
Music, crafts, booths.


Parade of Pics…


Thank you Super Volunteers Kelli Smith & Family, Abby Kohll and Zoe Emerson for working as a team to fill 500+ eggs with candy!

Always a hit! Elk Creek Crossing Omaha. Easter Egg Hunt 2013!

Photography courtesy of Susie Stern

ECC Burglary Victim Speaks Out


Image-kelli-ECC-Theft Victim(ECC)  —  “It’s naive to think that a home burglary can not happen here,” the words of an Elk Creek Crossing resident, whose North Branch Drive home was image-subscribe-nowburglarized after dark on January 19th while she was away. Kelli, whose last name is withheld, said the thief (s) broke the deadbolt on her French doors, jimmied the lock before breaking into her home from the backyard – which overlooks the Papio Trail. “I think the criminal was casing my home. A neighbor had spotted a suspicious-looking white man, wearing track pants, pacing the Papio Trail while chatting on the telephone a couple of times, days before the burglary. He just didn’t look right,” she quoted her neighbor as saying.

After busting the French doors, the thief emptied Kelli’s jewelry box and fled with an estimated $30,000. Police found no fingerprints. Her sentimental belongings were never recovered. Fortunately, however, Kelli had insurance, albeit not enough, she shared. “That’s another issue, I should have gotten my jewelry re-appraised every five years to obtain full value replacement, which I did not,” Kelli emphasized.

ECC Burglary Victim Shares Police Tips

Hindsight is 20/20. Still, Kelli sends a strong message to ECC neighbors about prevention. “Police recommended I install an alarm system and keep it on, which I did immediately.”

Kelli also recommends residents get proactive: report suspicious individuals to police. Another tip: at night, turn on backyard lights. Don’t store jewelry in an obvious place – hide it.

On the day Kelli discovered the burglary, she worked the telephones and notified nearby neighbors. She thinks more needs to be done. “I think residents should subscribe to this Elk Creek Express website. It is an excellent place to share information on what’s happening within our neighborhood. The good and the bad.”  Kelli urges residents to subscribe.
Read:  An ex-con shares his “expertise” on how homeowners can prevent home burglaries.

ECC Kids for Hire!


Posted on April 1, 2014:


We are looking for a neighborhood girl for babysitting-must be able to drive and reliable-can you help me with this?  or refer me to whom I can contact

 Thank you very much
Amy Bamburg
16307 Manderson

 Phone Number : 402-504-4722


ECC Covenants

“Elk Creek Crossing Covenants remain in effect but are approaching the expiration date. The board is working to get them restated to remain in full effect,” notes Hannah Porto, of P.J. Morgan Real Estate, which is Elk Creek Crossing’s property management company. We will have more information soon on the expiration date, and the efforts the HOA intends to take to get the Covenants restated.

On a side note, Walnut Ridge, the neighborhood east of us, recently had their Covenants restated after receiving a certain percentage of homeowner approval.

ECC Covenants