ECC Covenants
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ECC Covenants

ECC Homeowners and HOA Rules and Annual Dues

Need to look up something in the Elk Creek Crossing Covenants?

A condition of owning a property in Elk Creek Crossing requires the owner to pay annual HOA dues, and follow the rules of the legally-binding ECC CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions).

The annual fees property owners are required to pay help maintain common areas and include utilities, sprinklers, property management fees, insurance, repairs, social events, and much more. The rules are designed to protect property values. Elk Creek Crossing’s developer, Benchmark Homes, had enacted these restrictive Covenants to assure that ECC maintains a standard character and appearance within its boundaries. Covenants protect property values, and spell out the type of exterior style the homes must or must not be, and how homes and land may be used.

Who Manages ECC Daily?

Betts Real Estate Company handles the day-to-day management of Elk Creek Crossing.  This includes general accounting services, the collection of the annual HOA dues, contractor services, assistance with conflict resolution between property owners, and serves as a resource liaison between the volunteer HOA Board and individual property owners.