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If you spot a landscaping issue or similar, please write a comment below and the information shall be forwarded to P.J. Morgan Real Estate, the property management contractor.

As of March 12, 2019, formal complaints about Covenant violations should be sent via letter, email or phone call to P.J. Morgan Real Estate in care of Elk Creek Crossing HOA. The manager is directed to share resident concerns with Board members.

Email: or call 402-397-7775

Address: P.J. Morgan Real Estate, Attn: Elk Creek Crossing 7801 Wakeley Plaza, Omaha, NE 68114

With City of Omaha annexation, park or stop sign issues should be directed to the City and the appropriate departments. Certainly, if you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask. Happy commenting. 🙂


Question: Where can I view a copy of the Elk Creek Crossing Covenants?

Answer: Right Here! Visit Covenant Page 

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Published January 2010. Updated January 2019 and March 2019. 



  1. Anyone know how to get a hold of the President on the HOA. There is no contact information on the site at all. There is a major issue with speeding and failure to stop at stop signs in this neighborhood that I am starting to seriously looking at moving and I have only been in my house for a year. No one drives the posted 25 mph and my father-in-law even got passed once driving on Sahler St. There is no respect for the children and families living in this neighborhood. Something needs to be done to fix this issue fast.

    • We have forwarded your message to the HOA Board members & P.J. Morgan Real Estate, our neighborhood property manager. You should be getting a reply soon. Thank you for your question. Direct any and all questions to P.J. Morgan Real Estate and ask for ECC property manager Hannah Porto. (402) 397-7775

      • From the ECC HOA Board:

        Speeding is a city of Omaha police traffic enforcement issue. The City will install so-called traffic calming devices, speed bumps (also called speed tables or speed humps) “where traffic is consistently faster than the posted speed limit. Citizens can request a speed bump and the City will investigate. If it is determined that excessive speeds exist and that a speed bump would control traffic speeds and site conditions allow the construction; the City will have the speed bump installed.”

        We encourage you to call the city to file a complaint and request speed bumps at 402-444-4919. Several years ago someone filed a complaint about speeding on Taylor Street in both ECC and Walnut Ridge near Standing Bear Elementary. The outcome of said investigation determined there was no need for a speed bump.

        Mike, what street do you live on? If it is Taylor Street, you can request another investigation. Call that # 402-444-4919 to file complaint, seeking an investigation – the first step. Thanks for your question and notifying us about your concerns. We can do our part, too, by communicating information to residents via this website.

  2. I was considering buying a house in Elk Creek Crossing and would like to know if you can have a shed in your backyard. Thanks

    • As of July 2014, the new ECC HOA Board permits stand-alone sheds painted/stained with earth tones at a maximum size of 4’x 8′. Metal sheds have received a thumbs down, and are disallowed. Thanks for your question! We hope you consider buying a home here.

  3. Who is responsible for enforcing any of the covenants in the neighborhood? Are they in fact enforceable? My questions relate directly to abandoned cars in the driveway, sheds, and above ground pools.THANX

    • The ECC HOA is responsible for enforcing neighborhood covenants. Contact P.J. Morgan Real Estate, ECC’s property manager via formal letter. Questions? 402-397-7775. Generally, a letter is first sent out to the alleged offending party prior to commencing legal action. Thank you.

  4. Who can enforce the covenant regarding a vehicle left in a driveway and not moving or running for months? Will the HOA send a letter to the homeowner?

    • To report Covenant violations, please send a letter to P.J. Morgan Real Estate in care of the ECC Homeowner’s Association.

  5. re: Mailbox standards

    Last night I came home from work to find our mailboxes (West of 165th & Ames Ave.) pulverized. According to the officer that responded it looks to be a white box truck (delivery truck) that inflicted the damage.As the driver left the scene it was considered a hit & run.

    The USPS has been notified and they have made it abundantly clear it is not their problem.

    My question is who is responsible for the repairs?

  6. To Whom It May Concern,

    Please remember in the winter months to scoop your driveway and sidewalk when it snows. I could not find anything in the covenants about it, but leaving your sidewalk unscooped for days on end causes a risk to both those of us that walk in the winter and visitors to the area. To the board, I ask that you drive thru the neighborhood in a week and you will plainly see the violators that have constantly left the snow on their sidewalks & driveways until us as neighbors scoop it for them. Thank you for your consideration.

    • J & N, Thanks for the great reminder about plowing snow on sidewalk. I know that several folks were out of town during the Christmas holiday.

  7. Since the covenants clearly state that no antennas and specifically “satellite dishes” are not allowed, why then is this covenant being ignored and not enforced in our subdivision?

    • Scott – Thanks for the question! It has been forwarded to new ECC Board President Samatha Wright (2014). Once we get her reply, it shall be posted here.

    • Hi Scott. We have an answer. New ECC HOA President Sam Wright said this: “I have discussed the issue with both Brenda and Ann and we all agree that this covenant will not be enforced”. So, you can have antennas and satellite dishes if you live in Elk Creek Crossing – is the official word. Have a great day! (As of January 2014).

  8. Not sure based on the comments above, but what is the recommended action for having a neighbor mow their lawn and cut down the weeds before they reach 6 foot tall? I’d ask them directly but they don’t answer the door and I haven’t actually seen them in weeks.

  9. An ECC homeowner sent an email asking about clothes lines. Not allowed unless completely concealed within enclosed patio structure. The Covenants cover that issue on page 23 under ‘fences’ section. This rule is to maintain our property values. Thank you for your question! Covenants:

  10. My husband and I were wondering what the rules were for building a shed or an addition on our property. We are looking at a few different options and want to make sure we won’t violate any rule.

    Thank you

    • Hi Amanda. As of July 2014, the new ECC Board has decided to allow wood sheds with a maximum size of 4′ by 8′ (feet) in earth tones; metal sheds are disallowed. As for ‘an addition on our property,’ the Covenants state that a homeowner must obtain ECC HOA board approval prior to construction, including providing the committee with specific drawings and plans. There is a question as to whether the majority of homeowners follows these steps. A city permit is also required for many home improvement projects.

  11. A set of keys have been found on the West side of North Branch Dr. by the Elk Creek Crossing entrance sign. Call 402-491-0613.

  12. I have looked and cannot find anything regarding the type of fence you can put up. Only that it can’t be higher than 6 ft. I guess I’m asking if it has to be wood? Thank you.

    • Thanks for asking! You need a 6 foot high, board-on-board wood only fence. It may be stained with earth tones.

  13. My 17 year old son is interested in attaining ECC lawn customers for the 2013 mowing season. We live in ECC and have been here his entire 17 years. Can this be posted somewhere on the site?

    • Yes. Write a comment on this forum with the who, what, where, when and why and we will accommodate your request.

  14. Update: We have forwarded a complaint about apparent dead trees and broken bricks near the entrance sign to the ECC HOA Board via P.J. Morgan Real Estate, the property management company.

  15. Amanda

    My family moved into the neighborhood late in 2012. We have not received anything interms of who is in charge of the HOA or who we can contact about certain “rules and regulations”. Everything we heard when we first moved in was how great the neighborhood was but we are coming to find out that this is not true. We have had several complaints about our dogs and my husband’s truck. I would like to know who I should contact about “rules & regulations” of the neighborhood.

    • Hi Amanda. You’ve come to the right place. This is the official website for the ECC Homeowner’s Association. Covenants: Direct inquiries to the property management company, P.J. Morgan Real Estate. Covenant violation complaints should be sent via U.S. Mail letter to same in care of the ECC HOA Board. This neighborhood is a great one. I am sorry to hear you were the recipient of complaints. That said, dog noise is covered under city of Omaha ordinance. Trucks parked on the street are covered via Covenants and Omaha ordinance. We are volunteers. We will do our best to help. On another note, I might suggest you introduce yourself to neighbors. Kindly let them know, your door is always open per se.

  16. Just received information from local law enforcement that thieves have been hitting the area overnight between Walnut Ridge and Elk Creek Crossing. The officers stated thieves are breaking into cars and those homeowners who leave their cars outside and have garage door openers in them have had further things stolen from their garages. Local police advise all owners who have cars parked outside to please not leave openers in their cars.

  17. I am moving into Elk Creek Crossing neighborhood and unfortunately am not able to download the Covenants. I noted on the list of resources only Cox Communications. Does the association allow Direct TV?

    • Valerie – Welcome to the neighborhood! It’s a great one. First off, Direct TV serves the area, as does Centurylink, along with Cox Communications. Yes, you can choose any of the three. There may be new providers in the future. The Resource page has been updated to indicate same. Additionally, feel free to download the ECC Covenants: | If you have additional question, please don’t hestitate to ask. Welcome to ECC!

      • So you allow dishes for satellite TV to be installed on the property? States in covenants that they are not allowed. Has that been adjusted in the covenants or just not observed anymore?

  18. Some one spray painted a street sign post with letters on about 162nd and sprague. Who is in charge of re-painting the post?

    • Hi Megan.The City of Omaha is responsible for street signage, since we were annexed some years back. I suggest calling the Mayor’s hotline at 402-444-5555, and they will direct you which department handles this matter. Thank you!

  19. I live in ECC and currently am looking for a summer sitter for our 4 year old. We currently have a sitter but looking for another one to help us out. Hours would be anywhere from 615/630 to 330/345 M-F. We have membership to a private pool as well as a zoo membership. Driving perferred and must be reliable! Please contact us if seriously interested. Thank you

  20. Hello,
    I am having a garage sale & I was curious since I am having my sale during the neighborhood gsale event, will there be signs advertising the neighborhood garage sales? Is there an ad in the newspaper? Can there be? Thanks


    • Yes, a classified ad is running in the Omaha World Herald and on Craig’s List, too. As for signage, signs are posted at the main entrance and 168th entryway. We suggest homeowners consider picking up a few small signs to attract would-be garage sale shoppers to your sale. Good luck. Make some money and have fun!!!!

  21. I have noticed several trailers of all kinds all over the neighborhood lately. I know the HOA can not do anything about those parked on the street but as someone who owns a camper, pays to store it, and only has it in my driveway for short periods of time to load and unload it, I am aggravated by the fact that others do not comply with the rules. I live near the home mentioned above by Melissa, and not only are both trailers always parked there, the truck is sometimes left attached and sticks out into the street blocking the sidewalk and making yet another thing to avoid.

    • ECC HOA President Eric Oxley had this to say, “If you have any specific complaints, and would prefer to not send a letter yourself notifying the recipient that they are violating the covenants, please email me the addresses of the residences with the noted violations and any other facts that you deem pertinent at XXXX and our HOA Management Company will send them violation letters. Thanks for your concerns on this. Eric”

      Update: As of January 2014, ECC HOA has new board members.

  22. There is a camper and a boat that have been in the driveway for months on 166th st. Can you tell me if there has been a letter sent out to remove. It looks trashy.

    • I have heard nothing about a meeting, but I shall contact the President Eric Oxley for more information. Thank you.

  23. We have neighbors at 163XX Ames who constantly let their grass grow over a foot and then some on a regular basis throughout the summer. This is a huge eyesore and not to mention it puts our property values down. IS there a way they can receive a notice via mail to take better care of their yard?

    • There is a city of Omaha ordinance regarding lawn care, we believe. Check with the city. Mayors Hotline at 402-444-5555

  24. Hi,
    Just curious if we have the dates yet for the Garage Sales? I need to take time off from work and need to know as soon as possible. Just a suggestion, over the years I have always participated and it’s been great, but alot of people who come to my sale always tell me they live in the neighborhood and wish they would have know about the neighborhood sales so they could have had one. I’m just curious is this the only way the word gets out or are fliers or something put up or something? I just think we could have more people having sales during this time which would benefit all of us with more traffic flow. Thanks

    • Garage Sale dates set. Thursday May 31 – Saturday June 2. 2012. Regarding flyers, we appreciate volunteer foot soldiers to help distribute to about 450 homes. Let us know if you’d like to participate. It is a lot of fun and great exercise.

  25. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I see that Walnut Ridge is having theirs June 7th, 8th, and 9th… Would that help increase our traffic? Whatever date it is, I’m hoping for good weather!

    • Yes, Megan. There are different schools of thought. It may increase our traffic or create competition, with would-be shoppers going to Walnut Ridge and not making it to ECC. Vote in our poll on home page of this website to choose which dates you prefer. I will add the Walnut Ridge dates, as an option. Thank you!

    • Yes. Date pending for 2012. Any suggestions as to when you prefer? Memorial Weekend? Watch for garage sale dates on the home page of this website. Thanks!

  26. The owner at 4XXC North Branch Dr has been told before and a letter has been sent about his trailer being parked in the driveway for long periods of time and it still has not been moved, it has not moved in over 6 months. He has a 3 car garage and he says he has no room. The covenants say that boats, trailers etc cannot be stored in this manner. Please contact said owner again to see if he will comply to our covenants. It is an eyesore.

    Is there still a committee in charge of the covenants?

    • There is an ECC HOA board. You may want to consider drafting a formal letter to P.J. Morgan Real Estate in Omaha, the property management company, in care of Elk Creek Crossing Homeowner’s Association is the standard procedure for Covenant violation complaints. Thank you!

      • Do you have the number we can use to call P.J. Morgan? This trailer has not moved in over a year. This guy does not care. I was out of town for the board meeting last week, will we be updated on the results and possible contacts?

      • Hi. P.j. Morgan Real Estate office phone is 402-397-7775. I have also forwarded the complaint to ECC President Eric Oxley. For future reference, the policy is to draft a letter to P.J. Morgan Real Estate in care of the Elk Creek Crossing Homeowner’s Association Board. Thank you! As of 2014, there is a new ECC Board. Direct all inquiries to P.J. Morgan Real Estate.

  27. There is a broken down car parked on Taylor and 165th that has been in the same spot for at least a year. Can the association send a letter requesting it to be moved?

    • An easier solution next time would be to contact the Mayors Hotline at 402-444-5555 and report the car and then an officer will follow up with that complaint within 10 days.

  28. Eric,

    The concrete footing that supports our mailboxes is not as solid as it was several years ago. The entire post moves about 6 inches in all directions. Is the HOA responsible for maintaining this or is the home owner responsible?

    Thank you,

  29. Eric;
    The wind has blown down the street sign on 165th and N. Branch Dr, does the HOA repair or will the city? At this time it is laying on the sidewalk, not too safe.

    • Yes. May 26-28 2011, Thursday-Saturday. ECC Garage Sales! We are advertising in the OWH, too, plus online….and on Craig’s List. Thanks for the great question!

  30. We are considering putting a fence in our backyard. What are the current rules? We are thinking of the vinal picket fence in a cream color. We back to the Papio Creek path and don’t want to block our view. Please advise.

  31. David:

    Thank you for your message. Since we are part of ththe city of Omaha, unless the city puts no parking signs up, there is little the HOA could do to help this. I am aware of certain residents in ECC that have contacted the city and requested that the city put no parking signs up in certain areas and the city has accomdated their request. I would suggest contacting the City of Omaha and asking them what you would need to do to formalize this request so to make it happen. I wish the HOA had more power, but we are limited to what is provided for in the Covenants that govern ECC.

    Eric Oxley, President of ECC HOA

  32. My family and I moved to Elk Creek Crossing one year ago this month. Since then, on street parking has doubled!! We bought a house on N 166th and have enjoyed our two toddlers playing in the front, while chatting with our neighbors. Now, it’s a parking lot (due to one or two neighbors up the street) and has become dangerous. Is there a no parking rule? If not, why not?? Other neighborhoods have implemented a “no street parking” rule, so should we!!!

    • Just from a police officers perspective….the signs were posted no parking anytime several years back on the north and west sides of the street. Many signs are now missing and too many people have moved and are not aware of this covenant. The city does need to come out and survey problem areas in question and put properly labeled no parking on this side of street signs instead of the no parking anytime signs which can and often do confuse people with the arrows below them. Many people feel its from curb to curb as the sign would suggest with the arrows. I agree with you, as a fellow elk creek crossing neighbor, that this issue needs to be addressed again.

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