Elk Creek Crossing is located in Omaha, Nebraska, within Douglas County, at 162nd St. on the East to 168th Street on the West, from W. Maple Rd. on the South to Ames Avenue on the North. It is within the Omaha Public School District (OPS): Standing Bear Elementary, Buffett Middle School & Burke High School. The City of Omaha annexed Elk Creek Crossing on August 15, 2007, which terminated the existence of the Sanitation Improvement District (SID).  As such, the City has assumed most SID responsibilities, including SID debts. Home property taxes decreased following annexation.

The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) remains in effect, and continues its neighborhood legal standing, pursuant to the Elk Creek Crossing Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. The HOA continues enforcement of covenants, conditions and restrictions set forth in these documents to maintain neighborhood upkeep & overall aesthetic appearance of Elk Creek Crossing.

View Elk Creek Crossing Covenants

Since annexation, the city sales tax of 1.5% was added to the state sales tax of 5.5% – increasing Elk Creek Crossing’s sales tax to 7%. Instead of Sheriff’s deputies prior to being annexed, now when there is a 911 emergency call, the Omaha police are the responders. P.J. Morgan Real Estate is paid an annual fee for management. See the annual budget report for pay rate.

The area boasts 426 single family homes.

Residents love living here. The neighborhood, as a whole, prides itself on keeping public & private property – aesthetically pleasing. The park is well-maintained and includes a family friendly playground, benches to sit on, a covered picnic area & two (2) basketball hoops. North of the Park is a trail that extends all the way to the Hillsborough neighborhood north of 144th and West Maple Road. West of the main entrance on approximately 165th & Maple along North Branch Drive, is a bike path that residents can use to enjoy a leisurely walk, bike ride or stroll along on in-line skates & scooters. Covenants that remain in effect assure residents and potential residents alike that the community maintains high standards while protecting individual property investments.

If you have questions, please contact the City directly at (402) 444-7000.


  1. So Eric, Has a letter been sent to these people that have their trailers parked in their driveways and stacks of bricks left unattended for months on end?

  2. BH:

    Thanks for the information, we will check it out. In response to your questions, it is on each of us as Homeowner’s to make sure the covenants are followed. When people bring violations to the attention of the HOA, we do our best to represent those homeowners that prefer to not address violations directly and take the lead to make sure the violation is addressed. We do not, however, walk ECC looking for violations – we just do not have the manpower to take on that kind of responsibility – we only have a limited number of volunteers.

    Thanks again for the information – we will check it out and proceed as directed.

    Eric Oxley

  3. BH:

    On behalf of the HOA, we do our best to enforce the ECC covenants when people submit complaints and/or bring items to our attention. Our policy is not to go around looking for violations. The covenants permit each homeowner to enforce the covenants against another homeowner. Since, however, we all have a vested interest in people adhering to the covenants, the HOA does its best to step in when there are complaints so to enforce the rights of the homeowners that would prefer to not handle the matter directly. It sounds like this is a violation of the ECC Covenants, so if you would prefer of us to handle the complaint, could please provide the addresses for each of the homes in questions and we will verify and then address the issue to the best of our ability

    Thank you very much.
    Eric Oxley

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