ECC Entrance Tree Removal

tree removal 2020

March 12, 2020

[Omaha, NEBRASKA] — What happened to the trees at the ECC entrance?

The weekend of March 6, 2020 brought a surprise to our entrance: THE TREES IN THE MEDIAN WERE REMOVED!

This came as a surprise to the board as in 2018 arborists were called out to inspect the ash trees at the entrance for suspected disease. The company confirmed, yes, the trees are dying and will eventually need to be removed. An additional request was made for suggestions on replacement landscaping, plus the estimated cost to remove the trees. All was discussed by the board and PJ Morgan; project tabled for further discussion and timing for the annual budget.

So what happened to the trees then? Brenda Jennings, ECC HOA President was able to confirm the City of Omaha beat us to the punch! According to City of Omaha officials “They are city trees and were removed to prevent the spread of the emerald ash borer infection.”

What now? The city saved our HOA nearly $1,000 by removing the trees for us! The board will be discussing gathering estimates for: stump removal and landscaping options for the median. They will then discuss the timing of this work and how it fits in the 2020 annual budget.