Sat May 4, 2019: FREE Dump Site

Omaha Spring Clean Up, Standing Bear

March 12, 2019 – Reporting by, Susan “Susie” Stern, ECC Communications / Resident

(Omaha, NEBRASKA) —  Paperwork is complete, a date is set. We are the first to report Omaha Spring Clean Up 2019 at Standing Bear Elementary parking lot, located at 158 and Taylor Street, is scheduled for Saturday, May 4, 2019 between 9:00 AM – 2:00 pm.

We confirmed the date by phone Tuesday with Nick Chapman, the city’s Solid Waste Coordinator before the official public release. Keep Omaha Beautiful spokeswoman Jennifer Patrick told us her office plans to announce the citywide schedule next week.

Again this year, Elk Creek Crossing was assigned to join forces with nearby neighborhood HOAs: Walnut Ridge and Torrey Pines! Together we are responsible for local event promotion, securing volunteers, and drop-off site management.

Omaha Spring Clean Up is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff garbage trucks may not pick up on trash day!

The short distance from our homes to 158th and Taylor makes it less challenging to transport and throw away large stuff like carpet, mattresses, old TVs and more. Plus, there is no charge.

Omaha Spring Clean Up 2019 - Copyright Susan Stern Photography

The City of Omaha sponsors this annual event in conjunction with Keep Omaha Beautiful, a nonprofit. The city handles logistics, and coordinates with third party providers like Waste Management, the city’s contractor, that supplies garbage trucks and site staff.

“Speaking of, a big thanks goes out to these city contractors who helped out a TON at last year’s event. They made it fun and rewarding.”

Refer to this map, when updated for 2019, to view all citywide drop-off sites for Saturdays between April 27 – May 25, 2019.


The Standing Bear drop off site will – not – accept “special handling” items like tires, appliances, paint, lead-acid batteries and more. But other sites will. When updated, the map will list where to go.

More Drop Off Options in Works
Last year we teamed up with Omaha Bike Rescue and a metal recycling company.  For 2019, metal recycling and donation bins may be available, provided sponsoring neighborhoods make prior arrangements with third parties.

Garbage Truck with Trash - Omaha Spring Clean Up 2018 - Copyright Stern PR

The big, bulky item event will need volunteers to oversee the Standing Bear site from approximately 8 am – 2:30 pm. Volunteers help residents unload their vehicles, hand out brochures, and more. Interested? We are collecting names ahead of time.

Volunteers Online Signup

A Omaha Spring Clean Up 2019 Copyright Stern PR Neb

Chapman says since Standing Bear Elementary is a public school, the city of Omaha will handle coordinating with OPS to obtain the necessary permissions for the Saturday, May 4, 2019 Omaha Spring Cleanup event.

For more info, check the below resources!



Interactive Map

Omaha Spring Cleanup Hotline 402-444-4636

Keep Omaha Beautiful 

KOB 2019 Best Practices Guide 

HOAs Registered in 2019

Susie Stern

Special Note from “Susie” Susan Stern 
Thank YOU Neighbors!

(Omaha, NEBRASKA) – March 14, 2019

Hey everyone! So long. Farewell. I bid adieu to communications consulting for the Elk Creek Crossing HOA, and the community, for which I have cheerfully served from approximately 2004 – 2019 in order to focus full attention on my growing business, and my family.

It was super rewarding to serve as a resident volunteer leader. I am also honored to have provided my public relations, marketing and journalism expertise at a reduced rate, as a service vendor. Thank you.

Looking back, I am mostly proud of spearheading what has become a highly-popular annual egg hunt, transforming communications from a hard copy newsletter my family and yours helped deliver door-to-door into a content-driven website (free hosting/theme design updated as parting gift :), and adding the neighborhood-focused social media platform Nextdoor to share news & info.

Most recently, I am hopeful my guidance to the Board leads to positive outcomes for the Elk Creek Crossing Homeowners Association, and members, the homeowners.

It is a fact! I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to know my neighbors, problem-solving, and working with everyone for the betterment of our community. See you around!

With great appreciation, I thank you.

Susan “Susie” Stern
Elk Creek Crossing Communications



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