Listen Live: Omaha Police, Fire Scanners

Public Airwaves

June 3, 2018
By Susan Stern

[Omaha, NEBRASKA] – Have you heard emergency sirens & wanted to know what’s up – in real time? Unless the incident is newsworthy, many nearby car accidents, police, fire & rescue calls never make headlines.

Anyone can listen to police radio traffic for free on airwaves that are designated as Public.

There are several smart phone apps available for download, & there’s one website in particular that offers Live & archived police, fire, rescue & Govt-weather radio audio streams. Broadcastify broadcasts scanner audio in the name of transparency, disclosure and accountability.


Omaha Police/Douglas County Sheriff – Live Feed
NW, NE, SW, and SE precincts

Omaha Fire & EMS – Live Feed

Omaha Area NOAA Weather Radio – Live Feed

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Codes. What does it Mean?

Omaha Police signals/codes
More OPD codes
Omaha Fire/Medic Codes