Stone Ridge Sprayground Closed For Maintenance

Stone Ridge Sprayground – NW Omaha

Story Updated at 7 p.m. (Northwest Omaha, NEBRASKA)  —  By Susan Stern – Water not turning on. Garbage cans overflowing. Ground paint worn away.  Stone Ridge Sprayground appears to need some care and upkeep. Today the mini water park located at about 162nd and Butler was closed – apparently due to a water time clock problem.

“We have an maintenance contractor at the site today, and reported the water was working. Tomorrow, he’ll return to take a look at the time clock electronics, and make repairs if needed. In the last couple weeks, MUD shut off the water due to a leak, that was fixed. ” said Dave McIvor, of Lamp Rynearson, the engineering company that handles site maintenance.

Attorney Brian Doyle, whose law firm Fullenkamp, Doyle & Jobeun manages the Stone Ridge S.I.D., said in an email that the splash park opened before Memorial Day, but “the contractor had to return to turn the water on at the meter pit because someone had tampered with it and turned it off.  It appears this may have happened again. We are looking into a way to secure this so that it can’t be turned off by some unauthorized party.”

Trash Overflows at Stone Ridge Sprayground

As for overflowing garbage cans?

“The trash service picks those up currently twice a week.  However, due to your call and information, that is being increased to every other day.”
It was Elk Creek Crossing, done as a public service, that notified the pertinent parties of the park’s poor condition. The park is not within our boundaries or jurisdiction. The Stone Ridge Sprayground, the official name, see signage, is located in the neighborhood north of us – the Stone Ridge subdivision.


During the phone call with the attorney, I suggested that the S.I.D. consider “installing a sign that lists a phone number for people to report park problems, and contact info in case of an emergency.”

Stone Ridge Sprayground Omaha Neb Credit Susan Stern

In 2014, we covered the story of a 16-month-old Elkhorn boy who received 2nd degree burns after running to a ball and stepping on an uncovered surface steel grate at Stone Ridge Sprayground. A protective shield has since been placed over the grate.


Today we also recommended that the Stone Ridge S.I.D. consider replenishing the aesthetics: repainting the worn out splash park ground, and replacing the park signage.
“On the other issues, they are being looked into, and as I get more information, I will pass it on to you,” said Doyle.

It took a bit of detective work to actually track down the entities responsible for maintenance of Stone Ridge Sprayground. We started by calling the builder, Celebrity Homes, who gave us the name of the property manager – Property Source. We eventually found the law firm responsible for S.I.D. management and the sprayground, who shared the contact information of the engineering firm that oversees maintenance. Everybody was very helpful.

So. When will Stone Ridge Sprayground be back up and running? Check again tomorrow, McIvor said.



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Photo Credit: Susan Stern

Stone Ridge is a Sanitary Improvement District (SID) located in the unincorporated areas of Douglas County. The neighborhood is outside the city limits of Omaha, and has not yet been annexed. Sprayground maintenance does not fall under the City of Omaha Parks and Recreation Department.

At 6:30 pm, we dropped by the park, and spotted that the trash cans have been emptied.

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Friday, June 9, 2017
By Susan Stern7 Stone Ridge Sprayground Omaha Neb Open Credit Susan Stern

Sprayground Re-Opening A Big Splash

(Omaha, NEBRASKA ) – The water is back on. Trash cans emptied. The Stone Ridge Sprayground in northwest Omaha re-opened today for fun in the sun.

“I’m very pleased with the quick response. The S.I.D. and engineering firm that oversees maintenance got the water back on in less than 24 hours. They even emptied the overflowing trash cans in a mere few hours after the phone call report yesterday. So, we hope that they’ll consider the other suggestions to keep the park looking nice,” notes Susan Stern, a resident of Elk Creek Crossing, who made the initial report to the law firm that manages the Stone Ridge Sprayground and S.I.D.

Friday afternoon around 1 pm, the earliest we checked it, the water was back on, and kids packed the park – to cool down from the hot sun.



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The splash park, located at about 162nd and Butler Street, has suffered a few maintenance hiccups since opening prior to Memorial Weekend, confirmed Brian Doyle, the attorney who manages the Stone Ridge S.I.D. and mini water park. There were reports of meter pit tampering, a leaky pipe, and issues with the time clock’s electronics. The issues appeared to be resolved Friday morning.

During a site check Friday afternoon, the only maintenance issue we spotted was with the rainbow mister: it drips water, rather than shooting a continuous stream. We passed along the information to the pertinent people.

Thank You
On Nextdoor. Phone. Email and website contact form – a big kudos to everybody that communicated about the maintenance and upkeep issues at the Stone Ridge Sprayground.  A big thanks also goes out to the law firm, engineering company and maintenance crew that took care of the bulk of the problems right away.

“Stone Ridge Sprayground is obviously a very popular gathering spot, especially when it’s hot! We are glad it’s back up and running again, so that all of our communities can enjoy it this summer,” said Stern.

Stay cool!

Elk Creek Crossing subdivision is not affiliated with the Stone Ridge Sprayground or Stone Ridge S.I.D.

Photo Credit: Susan Stern