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(Omaha, Nebraska) Hello everyone. Sharing is caring – as good ol’ Barney and Friends, a popular young children’s TV show character says. Whether you like Barney or not, is not the point. This sharing concept applies to us adults here on this privately-invited neighborhood social media platform that began in San Francisco in 2011. 🙂

Specifically, I want to share Nextdoor’s guidelines. After all, a lot of posts get flagged and there’s some confusion.


As a lead for Elk Creek Crossing, myself and nearby neighborhood leads receive via email, every post that is flagged, by whom, and what violation the complainant deems it is.

As volunteers, we are charged with doing our best to know Nextdoor’s terms, conditions and guidelines, and removing posts that violate them. It is suggested that everybody should familiarize themselves with the rules if you use Nextdoor’s platform.

A frequent topic that arises are the rules for business owners using the platform to solicit clients/customers. Nextdoor has clear, strict guidelines – see below. That said, each neighborhood lead has a tiny bit of discretion on what is allowed with commercial posts. Please review the Group section entitled “Rules for Commercial Posts,” that applies to – Elk Creek Crossing residents – alone.

Summarized. In ECC, you can state under “recommendations”, once per quarter, sent to – Elk Creek Crossing only – (not nearby neighborhoods) something like, in a noncommercial way: “I am the owner of X company. I sell X. If you need X, please give me a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

You may also reply in a noncommercial way in “Recommendations” if someone requests a referral, asking from any neighborhood. You can say that you offer the requested product or service – again posting in a noncommercial way.
Here are the Official Nextdoor Guidelines:

Nextdoor members frequently want to know about businesses and services offered by their neighbors, but do not want to be overwhelmed by unsolicited marketing offers. Therefore, the following rules apply for members wanting to participate as a business on Nextdoor:

  • We encourage you to list your business or services on Nextdoor. Business and service listings are a great way to get the word out to your neighbors.
  • To list your business, you should create or claim your business page* on Nextdoor. This allows neighbors to easily find your business when they’re looking for help or recommendations.
  • A business listing can be set up by both businesses and by individual neighbors offering services like babysitting, snow-blowing, or dog-walking.
  • You may add your business affiliation to the Biography section of your profile.
  • You may respond to requests for recommendations by offering your services like baby sitting, dog-walking, etc., as long as you are up front that it is you providing the service or that you are affiliated with the business you are recommending. See our policy on conflicts of interest.
  • You may not make unsolicited posts about your business or service in the main newsfeed.
  • You may not announce commercial events to the main newsfeed.

This guideline also applies to individuals who occasionally sell homemade or hobby goods, or who provide casual services for extra income.

Read Examples:…


The Classifieds section is for individuals to buy or sell items, post rentals and post “help wanteds.” Within Classifieds, there are still rules about what is and is not allowed on Nextdoor:


– Buying and selling personal items
– Individual owners in neighborhood listing properties for rent/sale
– Individual neighbors offering jobs
– Pet adoption or re-homing is allowed (but selling of pets is not)

– Posting items for sale – outside of Classifieds. If you post items for sale in a category other than Classifieds, your post may be moved to the Classifieds section. If you repeatedly post items outside of Classifieds, your posts may be removed.

– Listing items that you are selling for a business or as part of an incentive sales program, like Mary Kay Cosmetics, Amway, Scentsy, LuLaRoe, etc.

– Realtors listing properties

– Personal ads. Nextdoor is not a dating service.

– Pet sales. For animal welfare reasons, we do not allow the sale of animals.

– Services should not be offered in Classifieds. Please see our guidelines on offering your services.

ABOVE NOT ALLOWEDdos-and-donts-credit-stern-pr-omaha

Recommending local businesses and services you love is a wonderful thing to do on Nextdoor. Your neighbors will thank you and you will be helping to build a more enjoyable community for all. However, the integrity of your recommendations is key – and it is important to be transparent and disclose any conflicts of interest. Your honesty protects your good name in your community and ensures that the quality of the recommendations on Nextdoor are authentic, top-notch, and truly local.

EXAMPLES – Conflicts of Interest
– If you write a recommendation for a friend’s or relative’s business, or businesses in your networking group, please disclose your relationship to that business or person.

– You must disclose any financial interest, such as being an owner or investor of the business you are recommending. See also our policy on promoting your business or service.

– Do not recommend a business, service, or product if you have received any form of payment in return for writing a recommendation.

– Do not write negative comments where you have a conflict of interest. For example, posting negative or false statements about competitors in your industry.
Learn about the prohibitions:
– public shaming
– verbal attacks
– personal disputes and grievances
– reporting alleged crime and suspicious activity

Please read these guidelines here

Nextdoor sets out the rules for the following, too:
– Politics and campaigning
– Ranting
– Overposting
– Dominating conversations
– Controversial Issues

Read about it here>


For the home page on Nextdoor’s guidelines, and view specific examples of what we all can do, and cannot please consider going here>>…

Hoping this post answers some questions. Sharing is caring!

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Thank you ~ Susie Stern, Elk Creek Crossing | Community Communications

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