Th-Sat | Are You Ready? ECC Garage Sales!

(Omaha, NEBRASKA – ECC)  —  By Susie Stern —  Are you ready homeowners? If you’re interested in making some cash and have the time, Elk Creek Crossing’s multi-family garage sale extravaganza starts this Thursday and runs through Saturday, May 26-28, 2016!

To get the word out, the ECC HOA is running advertisements here, on, on Craig’s List, in the Omaha World Herald and there’s signage at the entrances of ECC. We encourage each garage sale homeowner to purchase their own signs, too. The more signs – the better. 🙂

A Image Elk Creek Crossing Omaha Neb Garage Sales 2016

Graphic Design by Ann Smith, ECC HOA Board Secretary

Memorial Weekend Omaha garage sales 2016 right here at Elk Creek Crossing. We are located on the north-side of Maple from about 162nd to 168th.

Everything you can imagine is on sale! A garage enthusiast’s dream come true! From furniture of all types, baby clothes and strollers, appliances, toys and much more!


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