Douglas County To Fight In Court Tax Valuation Ruling

Douglas County To Appeal in Court State Commission’s Order to Adjust Residential Property Valuations

Updated June 2016:  Douglas County has filed a petition in the Nebraska Court of Appeals asking it to review a state tax commission’s order that the county erred in valuing over 100,000.

Updated May 25, 2016: The Douglas County Board recently voted to appeal to the Nebraska Supreme Court a state tax commission’s ruling that found Assessor/Register of Deeds Diane Battiato failed to accurately set valuations for residential homes located west of 72nd Street, including Elk Creek Crossing, before ordering a 7 percent tax valuation increase.

As the Omaha World Herald reports, the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission (TERC) recently refused to reconsider its April 2016 ruling.

In its original report, TERC stated that “residential real property assessments” do not “meet general mass appraisal practices.”  Read April 2016 PDF report here

News Coverage

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property tax valuations would increase
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Douglas County to Appeal 7% State-Ordered ECC Property Tax Valuation Hike

Article published May 3, 2016 —  So this may be why the Douglas County Assessor’s office had not returned Elk Creek Crossing’s phone call late last week when news broke, because administrators and the county were mulling over whether to fight in court a state commission-ordered 7 percent property tax valuation hike of homes located primarily west of 72nd Street in Omaha including Elk Creek Crossing, and an 8 percent increase on residential properties in northeast Omaha, as the OWH graphic below shows.

Credit Omaha World Herald - Property Tax Hike Graphic

Today the Omaha World Herald reports that Douglas County (board voted 7-0) to appeal a Nebraska tax equalization commission’s order that the county adjust tax valuations on about 100,000 properties.

The Omaha World Herald was the first to report last week that the Nebraska Tax Equalization Commission concluded that Diana Battiato, Douglas County Assessor/Register of Deeds had “undervalued some residential properties and overvalued others in setting preliminary values for 2016.

In response to the allegation, the commission ordered a 7 percent across-the-board valuation increase for most of central and west Omaha, and an 8 percent hike for homes in northeast Omaha.

The Douglas County Board voted 7-0 to ask the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission to reconsider the ruling, and authorized the county attorney to  take the matter to court if a reconsideration is not granted, noted the Omaha World Herald in its full coverage.