Learn about the ECC Citizen Patrol

In 2015, Elk Creek Crossing joined forces with a community east of us called Walnut Ridge neighborhood, aimed at keeping our little area of the world safe. Resident volunteers, two per vehicle, patrol the area, mostly at night, alerting homeowners if their garage door is open, report to the city if lights are out and remove illegal signage affixed on poles.

The volunteers each received a criminal background check, underwent training and certification by the Omaha Police Department. The Walnut Ridge/ECC Citizen Patrol is a non profit organization affiliated with the Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols.

Produced as a public service. Music courtesy of Scott Holmes, “Happy Go Lucky” used in its entirety, provided under a Creative Commons License.

Volunteers are always needed to join the patrol. Call or text Walnut Ridge/ECC Patrol Captain Jerry Schulte for more information: 402-201-1656

Once Monthly Patrol Meeting
Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly patrol meeting located at Ragazzi’s Pizza at 154th and Ruggles, (a tad north of 156th and West Maple Road) between 6-7 p.m.

The meeting takes place usually around the end or beginning of the month.