ECC Covenants – Great News!

Updated October 19, 2016

It is official. P.J. Morgan Real Estate, ECC’s property manager and legal documents both have confirmed that Elk Creek Crossing’s Covenants, which expire January 13, 2019, automatically renew for another ten years to January 13, 2029. This according to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Elk Creek Crossing, A Subdivision in Douglas County, Nebraska. The County Register of Deeds recorded the document on January 13, 1994:

Elk Creek Crossing’s developer, Benchmark Homes, had enacted these restrictive Covenants to assure that ECC maintains a standard character and appearance within its boundaries. Covenants protect property values, and spell out the type of exterior style the homes must or must not be, and how homes and land may be used.

April 29, 2016
“Elk Creek Crossing Covenants remain in effect but are approaching the expiration date. The board is working to get them restated to remain in full effect,” notes Hannah Porto, of P.J. Morgan Real Estate, which is Elk Creek Crossing’s property management company. We will have more information soon on the expiration date, and the efforts the HOA intends to take to get the Covenants restated.

On a side note, Walnut Ridge, the neighborhood east of us, recently had their Covenants restated after receiving a certain percentage of homeowner approval.

ECC Covenants

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  1. Since we are now Douglas county, we should just let the covenants go by the wayside. The covenants cannot control us anymore. Let them go, I don’t mind $35.00 to keep the entrance nice, but give up the covenants.

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