Police On Ground & By Air Helped Nab Teens Partying Under ECC Bridge

EXCLUSIVE – (Omaha, Nebraska)  —  By Susan Stern —  A 9-1-1 call about teenagers allegedly drinking and possibly smoking pot early Monday night led police to Elk Creek Crossing near the 168th and West Maple Road Bridge. Omaha police Captain Marcia West confirms that five juveniles were cited for various misdemeanor crimes which triggered the police presence.

A police helicopter, already in the air, swung by to help ground officers locate a teen who fled the scene. Able 1 hovered over the neighborhood until police located the suspect. West says police are giving special attention to this area, hoping to discourage other teens from doing the same.


Graffiti Reported in ECC Neighborhood
In other crime-related news, Omaha police report graffiti spray-painted under the West Maple Road Bridge at 168th Street. Trail walkers have also reported seeing graffiti drawings scribbled, scratched, or painted illicitly on a surface near a bridge along the trail by the secondary ECC entrance located north of the 168th Street Bridge.  Omaha Police Captain Marcia West has called on Public Works in hopes that illegal street art will be removed.

To Report Graffiti Yourself:

If you spot a graffiti problem in the ECC park or elsewhere, please consider filing a report, with this link: City of Omaha Public Works Department | Report Issue

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