ECC Easter Egg Hunt 2016 Approaches

easter egg hunt 2016 elk creek crossing omaha

Grab a basket and your children. The 2016 Annual Easter Egg Hunt takes place 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 26, 2016 at the Elk Creek Crossing Park! Hooray. Thanks to a handful of neighborhood volunteers, we expect to have 600 eggs filled with candy.

“We’re excited. Kids are excited. Families are enthused, too. Thanks goes out to the ECC Homeowner’s Association that is sponsoring this event,” said organizer Susie Stern.

Surprise. Surprise. The Walnut Ridge/Elk Creek Crossing Citizen Patrol, made up of volunteers, will be on hand to greet families and to say a few words about all the great things it is doing to keep our neighborhood’s safe.

Kudos goes out to resident/HOA Board Member Secretary Ann Smith for putting together this great graphic design advertisement.

Below are Elk Creek Crossing volunteers Natalie, Ansley and Justin Hankins, as well as Susie Stern and daughter Abby.