ECC Communication: Trash + Snowy Sidewalks + Easter Egg Hunt + Join!

Hello everyone. Communication is key, and keeping lines of communication open applies to great neighborhoods likes ours! P.J. Morgan Real Estate, Elk Creek Crossing’s property management company has received a couple of hand-written notes requesting that everyone take a little time to keep our neighborhood beautiful and safe. Plus, we have some news you might be able to use!

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Trash and Debris
1. Consider checking your yard, driveway, sidewalks and street around your home for trash. Sometimes the wind blows off garbage can lids, triggering debris to blow around the neighborhood. A resident sent in a note asking neighbors to take that extra step and clean up outdoors especially after Friday trash collection day.

Sidewalk Snow Removal
2. Make sure sidewalks are shoveled of snow as Omaha city ordinance requires, 24 hours after snowfall ends. A dog walker complained that some homeowners have failed to clear sidewalks causing a slippery safety hazard to adults and children. As some residents noted on, the few that appear to not have cleared sidewalks may have actually done so, but city plows came through and piled them up with snow again. So, perhaps use common sense and be kind to your neighbors. If the driveways next to the sidewalks are clear, think twice before calling the city to complain. In fact, perhaps wait a day and then, phone P.J. Morgan Real Estate and communicate with Hanah if sidewalks are not cleared again. She can pass along the information to the homeowner. 

Fact. After someone calls the city to file a complaint, a homeowner would receive a warning notice affixed to the front door, and faces a fine of up to $200 if the city clears your sidewalks for you, according to WOWT.

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3. Annual ECC HOA invoices for dues were mailed in early February 2016. ECC Homeowners are required to pay the $35 yearly fee which goes to pay for maintaining common areas including landscaping and mowing, electricity, property management, event charges and so on.

ECC Citizen Patrol Update
4. The Elk Creek Crossing Homeowner’s Association has agreed to sponsor the Walnut Ridge/ECC Citizen Patrol Mayor’s grant at the request of Patrol Captain Jerry Shulte. Should the major’s grant be giveomaha coalition of citizen patrols stern pr marketingn, our two neighborhoods’ citizen patrol team would receive dollars to purchase items like vehicle magnets, t-shirts and so on. By the way, March 2016 marks the one year anniversary of ECC joining the OPD-certified Omaha Citizen Patrol. All volunteers are given a background check, receive ongoing education and certification overseen by the Omaha Police Department. No weapons are allowed. Join the patrol. Keep our neighborhood safe! Learn more. Stay tuned soon for a more in-depth article!

Good news to report. The annual Elk Creek Crossing HOA Easter Egg Hunt is a go again this year at the neighborhood park. We need volunteers to purchase eggs, candy, and fill them! MARK YOUR CALENDAR.

The Easter Egg Hunt is 11 a.m., Saturday March 26, 2016 at the Park! 

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Article written By Omaha Public Relations Consultant Susan Stern , an ECC resident.