ECC Citizen Patrols Sought | Coalition Formed

omaha coalition of citizen patrols stern pr marketing(Omaha, Nebraska)  —  Elk Creek Crossing and Walnut Ridge are teaming up to provide citizen patrols to keep our neighborhood secure.

“These new efforts will help make our little corner of the world a safer place to live,” said patrol captain Jerry Shulte who lives in Walnut Ridge. He and a crew already began monitoring ECC by vehicle, but direct Elk Creek Crossing resident participation is non-existent at present, but wanted.

Volunteers Sought
It takes a village, as they say. Elk Creek Crossing resident adults are asked to join the citizen patrol right away. To qualify, you will agree to a background check and attend an April 16th training class at the Omaha Police Department Northwest Police Precinct from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at 10245 Wiesman Drive.

Not Eligible
1. Any felony Conviction against person.
2. Any felony Conviction within last five years.
3. Board of Mental Health Committal.
4. Resisting Arrest Conviction within last ten years.
5. Assault Conviction on a Peace Officer.
6. Two or more Convictions of Assault in the past five years.
7. Two or more DUI Convictions in past five years.
8. Carrying a Concealed Weapon Conviction within past five years.
9. Currently under Court Jurisdiction.
10. Any Misdemeanor 1 or above Pending Charge.
11. Any Sex Crime Conviction.
12. Any criminal record judged to be detrimental to the goals of OPD

Patrol Qualifications
After passing the record check and participating in the 3-hour OPD-led class, certified volunteers will be trained in-the-field by OCCP Patrol Captain Jerry Shulte. Once complete, patrol men and women may hit the streets when you like with the stipulation that there must be two (2) citizen patrol individuals in each vehicle at all times. No weapons are allowed – at all. omaha citizen patrols elk creek crossing

“Your job is to observe and report,” said Shulte. Every patrol car will be equipped with an OCCP vehicle magnet, and each volunteer will carry a photo id, with the Omaha Coalition Citizens Patrol logo on it.

“As for homeowners. If someone comes to your door, say your garage is left open, we always recommend you look out the window and ask for id, otherwise do not open the door,” said Shulte. The patrol captain and volunteer crews from Walnut Ridge have recently knocked on front doors of ECC residents for this reason.

Signage & Car Magnets

Shulte said he is in the process of applying for a City of Omaha Mayor’s grant intended to purchase polo shirts and additional vehicle magnet signs. A resident donor from Walnut Ridge has contributed dollars for entrance signs for both neighborhoods. Signage will be placed at a total of 9 entrances in both ECC and Walnut Ridge to warn any would-be criminals that our neighborhoods are watched by active citizen patrols!

Since its inception in January, the Walnut Ridge patrol has notified the power company of broken street lights and alerted residents of garage doors left open. “So far our efforts have received a very positive response,” notes Shulte. With the ECC-HOA’s recent approval, the patrol has been renamed as the Walnut Ridge/Elk Creek Crossing Citizens Patrol.

The OCCP is a non-profit organization in cooperation with and endorsed by the Omaha Police and Douglas County Sheriff’s Departments. The citizen patrol’s objective is to increase public safety, prevent and reduce crime. If anyone is interested in becoming a certified volunteer, please complete the below contact form.

Together, let’s keep our neighborhood safe!

News article by Omaha PR Practitioner Copywriter Susan Stern, an ECC resident

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  1. Shulte says background check application will be filled out by would-be citizen patrols and completed by the OPD during the training class. Photo ids will be taken there, too.

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