ECC Boat, Trailer Driveway Storage News

Boat Covenant Violation
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Boat Storage Time-frame
As summer winds down, it may seem easier and more cost effective to simply cover your boat or camper with a tarp and park it in the driveway.

But as you weigh your storage options, consider reading the Elk Creek Crossing Homeowners Association Covenants, which remain in effect despite dissolution of the S.I.D. and annexation by Omaha. Specifically, view Article V “General Restrictions” Section 10 regarding “Vehicles, Trailers and Equipment”

“No boat, camper, trailer, auto drawn or mounted trailer of any kind, mobile home, truck, aircraft, camper truck or similar chattel shall be maintained or stored on any part of a Lot (other than in an enclosed structure) for more than twenty (20) days within a calendar year.”

Boat Storage Complaint
An individual has approached the ECC Homeowner’s Association and has filed a complaint about a homeowner allegedly storing a boat in their driveway longer than 20 days. A formal letter has been sent to the homeowner.

“It’s all about keeping the neighborhood nice and to maintain property values. The ECC HOA Board hopes that residents follow the Covenant provisions, doing their part to maintain the beauty of our fine Elk Creek Crossing neighborhood,” said Hannah Porto, ECC property manager from P.J. Morgan Real Estate.



    • Inquiries should be directed in writing via letter to P.J. Morgan Real Estate, Elk Creek Crossing’s property management company. It’s been a long standing tradition here that the Board does not patrol the neighborhood.

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