Child Burned at West Omaha Sprayground Next Door

Stoneridge Northwest Omaha Neb Sprayground Child Burned Steel Grate
The day after an Elkhorn toddler got burned, another barefoot child walks near the hot surface steel grate. Photography by Sonia Schrager

Mother Updates Toddler’s Health
A 16-month-old Elkhorn boy is recovering from 2nd degree burns  after running after a ball and stepping on a surface steel grate Wednesday at the Stone Ridge Sprayground, located next door in the neighborhood northeast of Elk Creek Crossing Omaha.

In an exclusive interview today with ECC, the toddler’s mother Lindsay Warren updated her little boy’s condition. “My son Broch is doing okay today. His feet are blistered, but he is recovering. Looking back it was horrible to think that something so hot and dangerous was not covered. Every child that goes to the water park is barefoot is my concern, too,” said the toddler’s mother Lindsay Warren, wife of Scott Warren of Elkhorn, who own Absolute Customs, Inc.

Child Burned Blink of an Eye

Child Burned West Omaha Waterpark
Credit: Sonia Schrager

The incident happened in a blink of an eye. As mother watched, she reports, the toddler’s beach ball rolled about 30 feet from the Sprayground. “When my son picked up the ball, he froze on the steel grate. He started crying uncontrollably. His feet were blistering like crazy. I rushed him to the ER,” notes Lindsay.

The mother hopes Celebrity Homes, the S.I.D and the law firm that manages the privately-owned Stoneridge Sprayground property in Omaha does the right thing, pays for her son’s medical bills and takes immediate steps so other children don’t get hurt.

child burned west omaha sprayground
Credit: Sonia Schrager

“It’s completely unacceptable that there was no sign, no warning,” said Lindsay.

Lindsay’s father Dennis Kresser, grandpa to the injured toddler, offers a suggestion. “All they would have to do is put a picket fence in the area and fix the problem, so no other children or adults get hurt.”


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