New Year | New ECC Blood

(ECC, Omaha, NE)  — In case you missed it, the Elk Creek Crossing HOA Board has new faces.  Three women have officially taken the helm, pledging to increase neighborhood social opportunities and continue Covenants enforcement:

Samantha Wright – ECC HOA President – Commercial Print Sales Manager
Brenda Jennings – ECC HOA Vice-president – Communications Consultant
Ann Smith – ECC HOA Secretary – Graphic Designer

The trio replace long-time volunteers ECC President Eric Oxley, Scott Lautenbaugh and Secretary Travis Schwartz, two lawyers and a finance professional, which we formally wish to thank for their dedicated service. The property management company, P.J. Morgan Real Estate, remains the same. The December meeting is where the 2014 proposed budget was unveiled.  Most of this year’s operating funds are projected to be spent on grounds maintenance, trees, lawn care, landscaping and the property management company fee. Read ECC HOA Proposed 2014 Budget.