A Neighbors Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Neighborhoods

Re-published under “Fair Use”
Author Jim Thompson
Edited by Susan Stern

♦ Make trash short-lived. They do not improve by age.

♦ Litter is like a smudge on the face. Clean it.

♦ Your trees should grow tall. Your grass should not.

♦ Your home is attached to the ground. The ground is part of the city. The city has a right to set the ground rules. Follow the rules.

♦ You do not have to live with your neighbors, just next to them. Make it a comfortable relationship.

♦ “Hi!” is only a two-letter word. Easy to say, nice to hear.

♦ Control your pets. Your neighbors will appreciate that extra bit of hard work.

♦ Take pride in your neighborhood. It will feel right.

♦ Respect the rights of neighbors and follow existing laws & Covenants.

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  1. Thanks to the association for the beautiful new look at the entrance of Elk Creek Crossing North Branch.

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