Parade of Pics…

Thank you Super Volunteers Kelli Smith & Family, Abby Kohll and Zoe Emerson for working as a team to fill 500+ eggs with candy!

Always a hit! Elk Creek Crossing Omaha. Easter Egg Hunt 2013!

Photography courtesy of Susie Stern


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  1. Susan, I mentioned the burglary to some of my neighbors and they did not know about it and they did not receive the email. Maybe there needs to be a flyer mailed out to all addresses in the neighbor hood informing them of this site. Also, how do we communicate with the HOA board? I did not see any link in the annual minutes. Thanks, Barry

    • A flyer is always a good thing. But gotta be candid, word of mouth would work better here due to hectic schedules and lack of man/woman power. This is a volunteer effort. It takes hours and hours to drop off flyers to approximately 500 homes between my daughter and I, and perhaps a neighbor child or two who helps. So, at this juncture, word-of-mouth about this site is the best way. That said, I will ask ECC’s Property Management Company to include the link on the yearly dues invoices. Resident Kelli Smith made the suggestion. I think it’s excellent!

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