ECC Burglary Victim Speaks Out

Image-kelli-ECC-Theft Victim(ECC)  —  “It’s naive to think that a home burglary can not happen here,” the words of an Elk Creek Crossing resident, whose North Branch Drive home was image-subscribe-nowburglarized after dark on January 19th while she was away. Kelli, whose last name is withheld, said the thief (s) broke the deadbolt on her French doors, jimmied the lock before breaking into her home from the backyard – which overlooks the Papio Trail. “I think the criminal was casing my home. A neighbor had spotted a suspicious-looking white man, wearing track pants, pacing the Papio Trail while chatting on the telephone a couple of times, days before the burglary. He just didn’t look right,” she quoted her neighbor as saying.

After busting the French doors, the thief emptied Kelli’s jewelry box and fled with an estimated $30,000. Police found no fingerprints. Her sentimental belongings were never recovered. Fortunately, however, Kelli had insurance, albeit not enough, she shared. “That’s another issue, I should have gotten my jewelry re-appraised every five years to obtain full value replacement, which I did not,” Kelli emphasized.

ECC Burglary Victim Shares Police Tips

Hindsight is 20/20. Still, Kelli sends a strong message to ECC neighbors about prevention. “Police recommended I install an alarm system and keep it on, which I did immediately.”

Kelli also recommends residents get proactive: report suspicious individuals to police. Another tip: at night, turn on backyard lights. Don’t store jewelry in an obvious place – hide it.

On the day Kelli discovered the burglary, she worked the telephones and notified nearby neighbors. She thinks more needs to be done. “I think residents should subscribe to this Elk Creek Express website. It is an excellent place to share information on what’s happening within our neighborhood. The good and the bad.”  Kelli urges residents to subscribe.
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