Wanted: Volunteers This Week – Garage Sale Flyers

(ECC)  —  We need more volunteers now!!! Thus far, a handful of helpers, some who don’t even live here, have come forward to drop reminder flyers at the door of ECC homes – to announce the May 31-June 2 Neighborhood Garage Sale Extravaganza. This small group has distributed flyers along 6 ECC streets. We have several hundred flyers left to pass out.

Call Organizer Susie Stern today to help. “It’s great exercise. Plus, it feels fantastic to help our neighborhood ECC community. Thing is, if no one helps or cares, events like these will cease to exist – forever.”

There is even talk about eliminating this ECC HOA website all together. That said, since it’s inception a couple years ago, this website blog has had close to 10,000 visitors. The number now is at 9,550.

So get involved today. Help our neighborhood events stay strong. Volunteers please call Susie 402-212-7489

The Annual ECC Garage Sale Event is sponsored by the Elk Creek Crossing Home Owner’s Association.

Please post comments here, too.


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