Water Park “Attempted Abduction” False Alarm

Photo Courtesy of Celebrity Homes

By Susan L. Stern

(Stone Ridge Neighborhood) There’s misinformation and rumors circulating that a 15-year-old young man apparently attempted to abduct an 7-year-old boy at the Stone Ridge Park, northeast of Elk Creek Crossing – a.k.a. the water park – using the ruse – paraphrased, “I can’t find my dog. Can you help?” Turns out, that according to KETV, which cited the Douglas County Sheriff’s office – that the apparent abduction reported on March 16, 2012 was a – false alarm.

KETV quoted Douglas County Chief Deputy Marty Bilek as originally saying before the false alarm was discovered, that “the fact that the person had a dog leash without a dog at the end of it, that’s almost a prop that they’re going to use to try to entice the child.”

In a final KETV report on March 22, 2012, authorities concluded, after hearing from the alleged perpetrator who contacted police to set the record straight, that he was indeed looking for his missing dog, and no, had not attempted to abduct the 7-year-old boy.

Opinion: This report demonstrates that it’s important for parents to continue to teach their children, that if they are approached by a stranger claiming their pet is lost, to run away to a parent for help. The 7-year-old boy handled the matter appropriately, and his parents should be commended for teaching their child the right way to handle this situation.

Watch KETV video here for story.