‘No Go’ Early Yardwaste Pickup

By Susan Stern

(Omaha, NE)  — “No exceptions, yard waste left at the curbside now, will not be collected,” that is the voice-mail message left on the city of Omaha wasteline phone line today. The issue has arisen because ECC homeowners, have left brown yard waste bags at the curbside in hopes of pick up today.

Upon further investigation, this ECC ‘News – You Can Use’ reporter Susan Stern spoke directly to a clerk of same department. She reiterated the policy, that “Omaha Yardwaste collection for the Elk Creek Crossing neighborhood does not start until Monday, April 2, 2012.”

So, the option appears to either dispose of the bags of leaves, branches & other dead foliage another way – OR, store the bags in the garage – where it certainly may end up causing an unpleasant smell.