Home Tax Deadline Looms

(ECC)  — Oh wow. Tax time looms. Yes, the clock ticks toward the Douglas County, Nebraska home property tax payment deadline. The 1st installment is due on or before March 31st. If you pay your taxes directly rather than through the mortgage company, you may save the cost of a stamp & go to the County Treasurer’s website to pay the tax bill with your credit card online here

The 2nd installment is due on or before July 31st.

Other Property Tax Notes to Know:

 –  Partial payments on taxes will not be accepted.
 –  Current year delinquent taxes must be paid prior to paying 2nd installment
  – Additional payment other than an entire installment will not be accepted.  
 –  By mail or in person, write check payable to Douglas County Treasurer. 
–   Please allow 2 (two) weeks for payment processing.
–   There will be a $25.00 service charge for each returned check. 
–   Acceptable forms of payments include: cash, check and money order. 

    Noteworthy: Credit Cards are only accepted for on-line payments. 
   Source: Douglas County Treasurer
   Article Written/Source Info edited by: Susan Stern