ECC Picnic Extravaganza!

Wowee – ECC Picnic Today – Saturday!

 Special thanks goes out to our main sponsor Bag N Save.Bag N Save Owner Michael Shrago donated a whopping – 450 chip bags!
Plus, the supermarket offered us a MAJOR discount on dogs, burgers & buns!
Show your appreciation. Shop at Bag N Save – 156th & Blondo.

Thank you Tommy Livermore, Let’s Jump Rentals owner who slashed the rental price in exchange for Elk Creek Express advertising!  
Give Let’s Jump Rentals a jingle for your child’s next Bday Party Event!

   Thank you Hyvee for donating 2 huge coolers to store lemonade – at no charge + 10% off anything for the ECC Picnic.

+ Bring a Charcoal Grill
CALL SUSAN STERN AT 212-7489     

ECC HOA President Eric Oxley
who helped Organizer Susan Stern facilitate the picnic’s financials with management company P.J. Morgan Real Estate!
A thumbs up & thank you to Lisa Graper-Fuller who took the organizer to Sams club for a DEEP DISCOUNT on plates, dishes, cups, lemonade, charcoal, lighter fluid & more. The owner of Compassionate Memory Care, an Alzheimer’s house, is donating papertowels & banner string.

ECC HOA Treasurer Travis Schwartz – Griller
ECC HOA Director Scott Lautenbaugh – Griller

Bag N Save Owner – Michael Shrago – Griller

       NOTE TO: FAMILIES & OTHERS       
It would be great!
Please bring along a potluck dish, if you enjoy
making, baking, mixing or fixing.
Portable chairs & a blanket are suggested, too.

This year’s picnic is in memoriam of former
ECC Social Chairwoman Karen May

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  1. Thanks most to Susie Stern!!! For stepping up and taking on this task!! I am sure it is going to be a great success and lots of fun for all!!

    For those of you that don’t know, Susie (of Stern PR and an ECC resident), not only runs this great website and and our newsletter, but she agreed to step up and take control of this year’s annual picnic. WIthout her it would not be happening …. so let’s really try and make it a success and if you see Susie, pat her on the back and say thanks!!

    Eric Oxley

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